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Piu & Piu are an Italian label of contemporary womenswear. Specialising in women’s clothing that pushes boundaries and breaks the mold, Piu & Piu pride themselves on offering Italian clothing with a reasonable price-tag. Expect prettily patterned blouses, jeans in bright, unusual hues and statement metallic dresses.

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Piu & Piu: Past and Present

Piu & Piu is an Italian label of womenswear founded in the 1970s by Calogero Mattina. Piu & Piu clothes were initially limited to women’s blouses as Mattina saw a gap in the market for them - most women at the time were bored with the selection on offer, and Piu & Piu set about reinventing the blouse. However after experiencing a high volume of success, the label branched out to include Piu & Piu skirts, coats and other items in the 1990s. In the beginning, they released 3-4 collections each year which were built on a “mix n match” basis, offering endless outfit possibilities. All of Piu & Piu’s items are crafted in Italy, giving them a certain authenticity. The brand holds its customer at the center of every decision, placing the wants and needs of their audience above all else. They strive to offer the ultimate in chic, unique style without emptying the customer’s pockets. If you’re a fan of Italian fashion but cringe at the price-tags, then Piu & Piu is the label for you.

Chic Italian Fashion With A Twist

Piu & Piu clothing offers a chic yet unique aesthetic. The brand was founded with the intent of reinventing the women’s blouse as a fashion statement instead of a boring everyday item, so it’s no surprise that their pieces are always interesting and different. Skinny jeans in eye-catching hues, tops and skirts in atypical, funky prints and dresses made from luminescent metallic materials are all on the agenda with this brand. A Piu & Piu dress can be a true fashion statement, offering showstopping style for any occasion. However, despite the brand’s tendency to play around with the weird and the wonderful, they never lose their chic Italian soul. Each piece is made in Italy, and the designers never fail to add an element of Italian excellence to every collection.

Piu & Piu Today

Piu & Piu continue to deliver funky, fresh and authentically Italian fashion each season, and have just celebrated their 40th anniversary in business. Available online and in stores, Piu & Piu are definitely a brand to watch in terms of European fashion. Authentic Piu & Piu accessories, dress, tops and other items are available second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.

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