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Peuterey is an Italian luxury casualwear brand founded in Italy in 2002, and is the flagship brand of the Peuterey group. The brand designs clothing, bags and accessories for men and women, making sportswear that looks chic and sophisticated.

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The Revival of Casualwear

Named after a mountain range in Mont Blanc, Italy, Peuterey clothes was founded as an answer to the casual clothing question - why should sportswear be drab? Peuterey combines textiles, technology and existing outdoor fashion to create a unique spin on casual wear. The company’s creative director Richard Coppola has been working with Peuterey since its inception in 2002. The brand began with a jacket, and in the last decade has expanded to Peuterey bags, accessories and a plethora of other clothing making it the most dynamic name in casual fashion. In 2012, Peuterey celebrated its tenth anniversary. They marked the occasion with a limited edition capsule collection made up of only 200 items, created by lauded designers Terence Koh and Karim Rashid.

Richard Coppola: Experience and Enthusiasm

Richard Coppola is the creative director of the Peuterey group and the mastermind behind the brand’s edgy approach to outdoor fashion. Coppola’s keen, experienced eye and relentless enthusiasm has been the driving force behind Peuterey’s success as a clothing brand. He works hard to combine innovation, design and quality to produce casualwear with a twist of class and modernity. Coppola has plans to bring Peuterey to Asia, with China in particular at the top of the list. He has drawn inspiration from travelling, observing the world and experiencing new things. His designs focus on the transience of an outfit - the ability to turn from dinner with friends to hiking in the woods is a quality Peuterey clothing strives to embody.

Freedom Of Movement

Peuterey’s style was based on the freedom of movement and the ability to make casualwear feel luxurious. The brand is sophisticated and stylish while remaining practical, which is the reason it’s become so wildly popular since its inception. Peuterey’s collaborations with designers such as Terence Koh and Karim Rashid give even more weight to its stylish status, with the 2012 capsule collection drawing attention from all over the world. Peuterey also run a digital magazine to promote their ideas and aesthetic.


Today Peuterey is still dominating the luxury casualwear market, with flagship stores up and running in multiple major cities. Authentic Peuterey accessories, clothing and bags can be found second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.