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Behind the name Patrizia Pepe there is a love story of a young management assistant with plenty of talent and a vision to highlight the power and beauty of every women with the help of classy fashion. You can find an exclusive selection of second hand Patrizia Pepe designer items on Rebelle.

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Patrizia Pepe - Fashion for the confident woman

In order to be independent from her parents the full-blood Italian Patricia Bambi starts working as management assistant after her studies. Soon she meets the Florence textile manufacturer and Marketing expert Claudio Orrea. It is love at first sight. He is the one opening the doors to the world of fashion. Initially she starts experimenting with plush fashion until in 1993 she founds the label Patrizia Pepe together with her husband. When brainstorming about the right name for her label she opens a dictionary and “Pepe”, pepper in English, is the first word she spots. Adding it to her first name immediately feels right to her. Her fashion is supposed to aim at confident women with that certain something. The word pepper stands for the extravagance of the designs and underlines her ambition.

Patrizia Bambi - The down-to-earth designer

Patrizia Bambi who is often considered shy and reserved loves rock music, modern arts and good food. In her spare time she is sporty, loves dancing Salsa and trains for the New York Marathon. Her passion for arts also shows in the splendidly decorated walls of the Patrizia Pepe headquarter in Florence. Even in the canteen where pizza and pasta is served to all staff members for free her fervour for artistic works is visible. Her personal favourites, though, are the pieces of Andy Warhol. The designer loves spending her vacations in her paradisiac estate in the Toscana together with her husband. To her a perfect day ends with a cosy dinner on the terrace together with her best friends.

The collections of Patrizia Pepe

The style of Patrizia Pepe is classically Italian with a mix of subtle and classy elements. Her designs stand for self-confidence and strength. Exciting cuts and sophisticated details as embroideries, lace, ruffles and studs are typical highlights of each collection. Her fashion is either romantic or playful with ethno influences. Her designs, however, also include modest, simple basics that every women needs in her closet. Classical elegance, pure feminism and glamorous extravagance – with this aspiration the fashion of Patrizia Pepe is perfect for every occasion and accentuate women’s beauty in any situation. By now there are more than 30 Patrizia Pepe stores worldwide. Beyond that the collections are sold in more than 1.000 shops. Besides the women’s apparel collections also perfumes as well as men’s and kids’ fashion were rolled out.

Stars love Patrizia Pepe

The special designs of Patrizia Pepe are loved particularly by Italian stars as Elisabetta Canalis. Of course also international stars can be found among her fan base including Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, Bonnie Strange and Michelle Hunziker. Leatherjackets, coats and bags are among the most sought-after items of the label.