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Opening Ceremony is a fashion collective dedicated to displaying clothing from the hottest, freshest designers from different countries. The brand pits them against one another in a competition to see who can make the most money from sales - a concept that has won them a massive following.

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The Founders Of The Fashion Olympics

Carol Lim and Humberto Leon are the masterminds behind the Opening Ceremony brand. The pair struck up a friendship at the University of Berkeley, California, sharing a mutual love of fashion, travelling and art. After a trip to Hong Kong, the duo decided to launch Opening Ceremony clothes. Opening Ceremony was started with the intent of pitting promising designers from multiple countries against one another in a sales-driven competition. They opened up a small multi-brand boutique in 2002 in Manhattan. Since then Opening Ceremony has taken off all over the world, and Lim and Leon have both been inducted into the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Today they continue to run Opening Ceremony as well as pursuing individual endeavours.

The Story Behind Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony was founded in 2002 as fashion’s answer to the Olympics - promising designers from different countries across the world would come up against each other in a sales competition in the Opening Ceremony boutique. The brand gained respect for giving a platform to new designers, as well as stocking many beloved brands on their shelves. Eventually Opening Ceremony began to develop their own in-house line of clothing and Opening Ceremony shoes. Today, the brand boasts showrooms in New York, LA and London as well as a department store in Tokyo. They also run an eCommerce store, a blog, a magazine and and even their own television channel.

Bright Style That Stands Out

Opening Ceremony is one brand that really knows how to pack a punch. Their own in-house clothing line is a strong contender for even the most high-profile brands on their shelves. Each item has a playful, fun aesthetic and the use of graphic prints and bright colours makes an Opening Ceremony outfit stand out on the rack. If you’re looking for a unique piece to brighten up your wardrobe, then an Opening Ceremony dress, top or skirt might just be the thing for you. Celebrities who are fans of the brand include Blake Lively, Whitney Port and Kirsten Dunst.

Opening Ceremony Today

Today, Opening Ceremony continues to run their collective. As well as stocking amazing designers from across the world and churning out their own amazing clothing line, the brand now showcases designs from a different country each year in their stores. Authentic Opening Ceremony skirts, tops, shoes and other items can be found second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.