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Offering the ultimate in attractive activewear, Napapijri has been one of the leaders in its market since its inception in 1987. The brand draws inspiration from the harsh, unflinching landscapes of Northern Europe and the North and South Poles, designing clothing that’ll keep you cosy and make you look good at the same time.

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The Tastemakers of Travel Gear

Napapijri is an Italian brand of ready-to-wear for men, women and children. The brand was founded in 1987 in Aosta, Italy as a manufacturer of travel bags. The first Napapijri bag, and the item that put them on the map, was the Bering Bag. By the 1990s the brand had expanded to include Napapijri clothes and accessories. This decade saw the introduction of their most famous commodity - the Skidoo jacket. The Skidoo was designed to withstand extreme temperatures, perfect for anyone travelling to cold places. The brand blew up, any by the 2000s they were designing childrenswear and Napapijri shoes. Since 1987, Napapijri has grown from a single shop-front in Aosta to a number of stores worldwide, including Seoul, Stockholm and Chamonix. Today, the brand continues to be the ultimate in attractive travel gear.

The Roots of Napapijri

Founded beneath the hulking shadow of Monte Bianco, Europe’s highest point, Napapijri has never strayed far from their roots as an outdoor brand. The brand gets its name from napapiiri, the Finnish word for The Arctic Circle - a fitting name for the most reliable and weather-appropriate brand on the market. The designers flip back through the pages of history and draw inspiration from the world’s greatest expeditions and explorers, designing clothing with a purpose. The brand’s logo contains their name split in two, one half white and the other black - significant of the North and South Poles. This text lies on a Norwegian flag, an homage to Norway’s rugged, extreme landscapes.

Style and Sensibility

Napapijri was set up as a travel-bag brand, offering lightweight and suitable bags to explorers and adventurers. Thirty years on and the brand’s target market is exactly the same - only the range of products has changed. Innovate, expertly-designed Napapijri jackets and coats are snapped up each season, offering the customer both style and security. Travel, exploration and environment are consistent underlying themes in Napapijri designs, invoking a desire for adventure in the wearer. Using lightweight and technologically advanced materials, as well as a range of stylish hues, designs and shapes, this brand has managed to place itself firmly at the top of the activewear totem pole.

Napapijri Today

Napapijri are still the tastemakers of fashionable activewear, releasing new and highly sought-after products each season worldwide. The brand run an incredibly successful eCommerce store, taking them into the 21st century. A Napapijri top or jacket is perfect for any girl that likes to look wonderful and keep warm at the same time.