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Used Miu Miu Wedges of verified quality

Miu Miu Wedges Second Hand

Miu Miu, founded by Miuccia Prada, is less complex and more recent than the Prada family business. Her designs include the most stunning sandals. These designer shoes are absolutely essential for women, especially the summer collection, which is designed to be worn both as casual and formal wear. More about Miu Miu Wedges >

Second Hand Miu Miu Wedges UK





Charity Shirt

Charity Shirt

Origin of the brand

Miuccia Prada studied pantomime and political science, was a member of the Communist Party and was in favour of women emancipation. Her mother was head designer of the fashion house Prada but she died in 1978. Miuccia filled her late mother's shoes after which she discovered her own talent for fashion designing. When she first brought a bag to the market, Prada really pulled through. A few years later, she released a clothing line and this was followed by a more affordable line for young people called Miu Miu. Miu Miu is an Italian high fashion brand that produces womens’ clothing and accessories. The company is a subsidiary of Prada and is to this day run by Miuccia Prada herself. It is headquartered in Milan, the fashion capital of Italy. Miu Miu was Muccia's nickname and that is where the brand got its title from. Its products are known for their youthful appearance. The brand range has expanded enormously over the years and there are exceptional shoes on the market, such as the Miu Miu ankle boots. Also, Miu Miu slippers and ballerinas are the new trend for women.

Hypes of the Italian fashion house

One of the top selling shoes is the 'platform sandal' which has been spotted being worn by celebrities at the red carpet as well as in their everyday life. These sandals have a platform with a thicker heel which makes sure that they are extremely comfortable to walk in. The platform ensures that fashion addicts look a lot taller and the thick sole gives them a sturdy look and these sandals are available in a variety of materials. The ballerinas Miu Miu are doing exceptionally well which allowed the brand to completely restore the ballerina line. A popular model is called the 'lace-up flats’, which has interchangeable straps, and ribbons that can tie around the ankle. These have also already been spotted being worn by a multitude of famous people. The semblance of the ballerina is nostalgic, fresh and feminine. In addition to these ravishing models is the glamorous 'Gladiator' shoe which is a sandal with multiple straps running across to bind to the lower leg. It is a variation of a boot and is extremely suitable for the summer season. Its light, neutral colours look gorgeous under a nice summer dress, and above all, look fantastic.

Miu Miu at REBELLE

Beyond all these fabulous products, there are many other items for this luxury brand which are available on REBELLE. For an affordable price, fashion lovers can purchase an amazing outfit and style in the way they want it. All items on the website are checked in Hamburg for authenticity and condition.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel