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Miu Miu Sandals (flat) Second Hand

Used Miu Miu Sandals (flat) of verified quality

This fashion house makes the most beautiful sandals for every woman. Miuccia Prada is a designer known for her beautiful designs with a delicate feel. The sandals are definitely a good example and exude class and femininity which is reflected in all of the brand’s collections.

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Beginning of greatness

This phenomenal designer isn’t the only one to thank for the success of the Miu Miu brand. Miuccia’s father, Mario Prada, was among the most famous designers in the world. Miuccia worked with her father’s fashion house Prada from the 1980s as chief designer where she discovered what it took to keep a large fashion house successful. She was taught all about bags, clothes and shoes at Prada. While Miuccia was very good at what she did, people saw little potential in her and did not believe that a woman could lead the company. She proved them wrong in 1985 when she designed a complete line of bags full of beautiful designs that were refreshing and innovative, even for a brand like Prada. People became more confident in Miuccia’s potential and were curious about her next designs. Through this line of bags that Miuccia introduced, Prada became even better known abroad and attracted even more international customers. Miuccia became extra motivated to continue with the design and create her own established fashion house. In 1989, she came up with a 'ready to wear' collection which meant that the clothes were readily available in stores after production and weren’t customized. Miuccia became unstoppable and put up her own company in 1993. It was a step in the right direction for this designer and the company was named after her nickname, Miu. Her achievements were recognised by important people in the fashion industry and she received the award "Designers of America International” which was a very big honour for designers. It gave her a lot of confidence to continue with Miu Miu and she opened a concept store in London where the exquisite clothes and bags were sold. Later, the glorious Miu Miu slippers and ballerinas, and the Miu Miu pumps and peeptoes were also revealed. The collections became more extensive and she was also crowned the award for ‘designer of the year'.

The collections

Sandals can be worn during almost any season. To a nice formal event, under a dress during colder months or to the beach in the summer. The black satin sandals have an elegant feel but at the same time look neutral in the simple form.

Used items

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