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Minimarket is a contemporary Scandinavian fashion label. The brand was founded in Stockholm in 2006 by three sisters and is adored for its vibrant, fairy-tale approach to contemporary women’s fashion. Minimarket designs clothes, shoes and other items for women.

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Sisters With Serious Style

Minimarket was founded by three sisters Sofie, Pernilla and Jennifer Elvestedt in 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden. The trio are self-taught fashion designers, and their passion for fashion was fostered in childhood when they would read their mother’s fashion magazines. In the early 2000s, Sofie Elvestedt ran a clothing boutique named Minimarket with a friend of hers. The boutique was home to up-and-coming, innovative designers from Sweden and Denmark and gave them a chance to display their designs. Sofie’s sisters Pernilla and Jennifer came on board in the 2000s, receiving their fashion education while working together in the store. The brand Minimarket was born in 2006 when the siblings got an offer from a retailer to showcase their designs. Today the sisters design for Minimarket, taking on separate parts of collections.

The Story Behind The Brand

Minimarket clothing was launched in 2006, borne out of a successful clothing boutique under the same name. The Elvestedt sisters released their first collection to rapturous success, with praise rolling in for their bright, modern designs. In 2007 Minimarket was awarded the “Best Newcomer Of The Year” award by ELLE Magazine, and in 2010 was awarded “Designer Of The Year” again by ELLE. Today Minimarket shoes and clothing are sold in high-profile cities across Europe including Paris, Vienna and Berlin. The brand also maintains a strong online presence and can be purchased through multiple high-end online retailers. Minimarket have also most recently delved into homeware, releasing a line of breakfast dishes and cups designed in their signature funky style.

Minimalist Form With A Modern Edge

Renowned for its vibrant, stand-out style and use of bright colours, Minimarket is the one to watch in regards to up-and-coming Scandinavian labels. The sisters behind the brand aim to create clothing that is comfortable and free while maintaining a modern edge. Their shapes and forms are somewhat minimalist, while their prints and embellishments are the utter opposite - this mash-up has proved to be incredibly successful for the brand. Floaty dresses and whimsical skirts meet bold, bright prints and patterns to create outfits that are worthy of the runway. Minimarket dresses are epitome of cosmopolitan style, and every European fashionista worth her weight in couture will own one of them.

Minimarket Today

Regarded as one of the leading brands from the ever-growing legion of Scandinavian luxe brands, Minimarket is slowly but surely rising through the ranks in the fashion world. A Minimarket top or pair of heels is a sure-fire way to stay one step ahead of the pack. Authentic Minimarket jackets and coats, dresses, pumps and other items are available second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.