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Marni Second Hand

The cult label Marni enchants with its quiet elegance, refined cuts and unusual details. The collections by the designer and founder of Marni, Consuelo Casigliono are just as much influenced by classic elements as by unconventional colour compositions and unusual textures. More about Marni >

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Charity Shirt

Charity Shirt


Consuelo Castiglioni, born in 1959, began her career as a style consultant at the business run by her husband, Gianni Castiglioni. In 1994, she launched the first Marni Fashion Collection of her own. The name of the fashion company came from the pet name for her husband’s sister. Castiglioni’s first designs for Marni clothes were characterised mainly by the use of fur and leather. In the mid-nineties, it was predominantly heavy and classic fur coats that were in vogue. Castiglioni, on the other hand, captivated with shaved, unlined, and partly dyed furs.

Marni Fashion for fashion-lovers

The Italian designer’s signature style was characterised by feminine elegance, a timeless quality, and non-conformist silhouettes, which afforded her designs a high recognition value. Daring graphical cuts and the use of fine furs are the trademarks of the label.
At the same time, the fashion designer follows her intuition and realises her fantasies in the form of fashion. Marni bags are characterised by colours, prints, textures and unusual designs. What’s special about her collections is the combination of reality and imagination.

The in-demand Marni Bag

From the end of the nineties on, Castiglioni started to use other materials as well, and the fur designs were no longer at the forefront. In 1998, she added the Marni Bag Collection to her portfolio and the first Marni shop was opened in 2000 in London. The Marni Dress Collections in particular are a style highlight each year.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel