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Maje is a French brand of ready-to-wear fashion launched in Paris in 1998. The brand was created by Judith Milgrom and the first store opened in 2000. Maje designs and produces clothing, bags, shoes and accessories for young women.

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Making Fashion A Family Affair

Judith Milgrom developed an interest in fashion design at an early age - as a child, she would craft dresses for her dolls from scraps of fabric belonging to her grandmother, who made her own clothes. Her family are heavily involved in the fashion world. Her sister set up the label Sandro and Judith began her career working with her, before going on to set up Maje with her brother in 1998. She launched Maje with the intention of filling a gap in the French market, creating luxury clothing at reasonable prices. Today, she is still the head of the company and designs Maje clothes. The name Maje is derived from names of her family members: M for Milgrom, A for Alain, J for Judith and E for Evelyn, her sister.

Setting The New Standard For Chic

Milgrom and her brother Allain set up Maje in 1998 as an answer to French fashion’s perpetual problem - pretty clothes with a painfully high price tag. Their collection was met with high praise, and Maje quickly became a firm favourite for the it-girls of Paris. Maje shoes, bags, clothing and accessories can be spotted on a stroll through the streets of Paris at any given time. The lines focus on staple pieces, such as blouses, jumpers and shirts, with a mix of edgy statement pieces such as capes. Maje launched an underwear line in 2005, and a leather collection in 2009, both to the utter delight of their fans. Model and personality Alexa Chung modeled for the brand in 2012, further cementing its trendiness. Maje is stocked in over 170 stores worldwide.

Style for Every Woman

Maje clothing is a perfect blend of traditional femininity and new-age chic. The items range from simple style to statement pieces. Milgrom aims to create clothing that every woman can wear, not just the fashion elite, and this is apparent in her designs. The brand offers basic Maje trousers, t-shirts and other staples, as well as opulent dresses and structured jackets as part of every collection. Milgrom considers the modern woman when creating designs, building the items around today’s definition of womanhood. This process of tailoring the clothes to the audience is a process which has won her a massive global following, particularly in France where it all started.

Maje Today

Today, Maje is thriving; there are stores all over the globe that stock Maje products, and celebrities such as Lily James, January Jones and Suki Waterhouse have been spotted rocking their designs. Authentic Maje clothes, shoes and other items can be found second-hand on All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.