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Used Louis Vuitton Trousers of verified quality

Louis Vuitton Trousers Second Hand

Louis Vuitton began his successful career by selling leather and luggage bags. Today, the popular fashion house offers a much wider range. The brand produces luxury, quality and class products, and because of their uniqueness and originality, will never go on sale on an online store. More about Louis Vuitton Trousers >

Second Hand Louis Vuitton Trousers UK





Charity Shirt

Charity Shirt

Popular items

The fashion house’s unique pants are available on REBELLE. The models range from three-quarters to leggings and printed pants. The pants are paired with Louis Vuitton tops for creating a dazzling outfit. The brand sells various items including beautiful accessories, jewellery, clothing, bags and shoes. These items can be worn with the mesmerizing Louis Vuitton dresses. The brand monogram is often printed along with the bags but less on the dresses.

How it started

The Louis Vuitton brand is named after its founder and it is safe to say that the company is one of the biggest and renowned fashion houses in the world. Louis was raised by his father after his mother passed away. After his father married another woman, Louis moved to Paris where he began designing luxury luggage, handbags and accessories. During World War II, the designer collaborated with the Nazis during the French resistance movements. After the war, the fashion house focused on manufacturing new items such as luxury purses, bags and luggage bags. What many people do not know is that the LV logo was designed by Louis's son. The Canvas monogram was developed around 1959 which then became the signature of the brand. However, the fashion house is now trying to create a new style by using DNA monograms. In 1997, Marc Jacobs became the artistic director of the brand and helped contribute to its success.

Interesting facts

Napoleon's wife hired Louis as her personal box-maker and packer which gave the designer a royal clientele and recognition. As a result, Louis eventually created a world-famous brand that offers countless unique and extraordinary products to customers around the world. The brand stands for quality, luxury and class and therefore will never sell its products at an online Louis Vuitton store. A famous saying of the designer is "Strive not to be successful, but to be of value" and online stores do not fit the image which the brand wants to project. The Champs-Elysees was the largest luggage store in 1914 and grew into one of the most popular shopping spots for the elite. The brand was awarded a bronze medal in Paris in 1867. There are many replicas of this brand which are being sold and therefore all items on the website are checked in Hamburg for authenticity and condition. The price of each item is determined by the website’s own experts.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel