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Used Louis Vuitton Tops of verified quality

Louis Vuitton Tops Second Hand

Louis Vuitton is a brand that has long been noted for its luxurious approach to fashion. The label has a prestigious history; previously the box-packer for Empress Eugenie of France, LV has maintained that same sense of esteem and opulence right through to modern times. More about Louis Vuitton Tops >

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Charity Shirt

Charity Shirt

The Birth of A Fashion Empire

Founded in the 1850s as a trunk making and packing business, Louis Vuitton has expanded over a century to become one of the best-loved names in fashion. The brand was founded by Louis Vuitton, a box maker and packer in Paris. Vuitton had come from a hard background. Both of his parents passed away when he was a child, and at the age of thirteen he left his home behind to cross France on foot. Over two years he travelled the country, working odd jobs to get by until he arrived in Paris. It was here that he was trained in the craft of box-making and packing, taking an apprenticeship with one of the city’s respected box makers. He took to the art quickly, and began to gain a reputation for his skills. When he set up his own business aged 33, he was subsequently hired as the box-maker for Empress Eugenie of France, a wonderful feat for any business to achieve. After his death in 1892, his sons took the reins and pushed Louis Vuitton into high-fashion with lines of bespoke bags and leather goods. Today, Louis Vuitton dresses, tops, shoes and bags are amongst a cornucopia of items that the brand designs as they remain top-dog in French fashion.

Fabulous Fashion With A Fine Edge

Louis Vuitton clothing is a thing of finery and luxury. As with their popular collections of bespoke bags and accessories, the brand pours as much care, quality and excellence into their clothing line as they can muster. Louis Vuitton dresses and trousers are famed for their superior quality, being made from rich, delectable fabrics draped in wonderfully feminine silhouettes. Embellishment is used freely, with the brand’s LV monogram being worked into many pieces. A Louis Vuitton skirt screams excellence - it is a sign of prosperity and rich taste. If you’re a fan of opulence and stature, be sure to buy a Louis Vuitton piece, even if it’s only for the bragging rights!

Louis Vuitton Tops Today

Louis Vuitton clothing is still making waves in modern fashion after all these years. Louis Vuitton trousers, dresses and other items make regular appearances inside the covers of Vogue, Elle and other publications, donning the bodies of notable women worldwide. January Jones, Kristen Stewart and Miranda Kerr are amongst the countless ladies who’ve rocked a Louis Vuitton top in the past.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel