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The name Louis Vuitton has long been synonymous with luxury and glamour, symbolic of splendid style and outstanding quality. LV footwear is a fine example of the house’s devotion to their collections - made from the best materials and designed to outshine the competition, they’re perfect for any glamorous occasion.

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The Story of The House of Louis Vuitton

The beginnings of the house of Louis Vuitton were a far cry from the high-fashion giant it’s become today. Founded as a box-making and packing business in the 1850s by Louis Vuitton, the house built itself up over a century to become the esteemed label it is today. Louis Vuitton the designer and businessman was born in Anchay, France to a lower-class family. By the age of thirteen he was an orphan, and had decided to carve out a new path for himself in the city of lights. He set off on foot towards Paris, a journey which took him two years to complete. Working odd jobs along the way the young Louis learned how to fend for himself, and was a man by the time he reached his destination. Aged 16 he secured an apprenticeship with a famous Parisian box-maker and packer. Here he learned the craft, taking to his new vocation quickly. He went on to found his own store, making and packing trunks for the most noteworthy people in France - including Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon. He passed away in 1892, leaving the business to his sons who moved Louis Vuitton in a more style-oriented direction. Today the house continues to bear his name, proof that a great work ethic and devotion to quality can and will stand the test of time.

Luxury and Opulence Defined

Louis Vuitton footwear is more than just a great fashion accessory - it’s a statement of luxe and taste, a reflection of the woman you’re trying to portray through your style. The name of the house is a heavyweight in terms of French couture, and their footwear is a fine example of their aesthetic. Made from only the best materials and embellished to give off an opulent, polished image, Louis Vuitton boots, heels and flats are the epitome of luxury fashion. Women who like to dazzle when they enter a room should already own at least one pair - if you don’t, what better time to treat yourself to some Louis Vuitton trainers than right now?

Louis Vuitton Pumps and Peeptoes Today

Louis Vuitton remain the kings and queens of decadence in contemporary fashion; the house strives to emulate the opulence and quality that they were founded on all those decades ago, and the proof is in their footwear collections. Many modern stars are avid fans of Louis Vuitton’s OTT style, with everyone from Kim Kardashian to Miranda Kerr loving their pairs of Louis Vuitton ankle boots.