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Everyone who’s ever opened a fashion magazine or owned a TV set will have heard of Louis Vuitton. The brand has long been an uber-popular symbol of prosperity and status since th days of Vuitton’s box-making business in the 1800s. A Louis Vuitton dress is the perfect way to show off your inner princess.

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The Life of Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton was an esteemed French fashion designer best known for founding his eponymous fashion house Louis Vuitton. As a youth, Vuitton undertook an apprenticeship as a box-maker and packer in Paris, a trade that was held in incredibly high regard. He soon earned a reputation amongst the upper-class as one of the best box-makers in Paris. At the age of 33 he opened his own business of box-making and packing, and was hired as the personal box-maker and packer for the Empress of France Eugenie de Montijo. The empress challenged him with "packing the most beautiful clothes in an exquisite way." His work for her opened the door to a stream of esteemed and royal clients. He worked all the way up to his death in 1892, aged 70.

Louis Vuitton in The 20th Century

Throughout the first half of the 20th century, Louis Vuitton slowly moved from the box-making business to the world of high fashion. Beginning in 1896 with the introduction of their now-famous LV Monogram canvas the brand was about to undertake a revolution. Throughout two world wars and enormous amounts of cultural upheaval, the brand managed to remain solid, reimagining themselves through handbags, wallets and purses. In 1997 under designer Marc Jacobs the brand released their first-ever ready-to-wear line of Louis Vuitton dresses, tops, trousers and so on. Today, they are still one of the most famous brand names in history, with their clothing and accessories decorating the bodies of virtually every noteworthy person in the world.

Elite Style for Prestigious People

Purchasing a Louis Vuitton skirt, dress or other item of clothing isn’t simply a cute fashion choice. It is a display of prestige, prosperity and perfection. Louis Vuitton have over 150 years of elite clientele and expert craftsmanship under their belt, so a piece from this brand will never be “just an outfit”. Through classic, opulent fabrics and innovative, creative designing, Louis Vuitton clothing will always be a winner when it comes to style. The signature LV monogrammed fabric is enough to turn heads all on its own. Celebrities seen wearing a Louis Vuitton top, dress or other clothing include Irina Shayk, Kendall Jenner and Nicki Minaj - just a tiny sample of the brand’s massive Hollywood clientele.

Louis Vuitton Clothes Today

Today Louis Vuitton continues to dominate fashion through trendsetting collaborations with various high-profile individuals such as Kanye West, while also maintaining their own personal collections. A pair of Louis Vuitton trousers is the perfect solution for a closet lacking in the glamour department. Authentic Louis Vuitton shorts, tops, skirts and other items can all be found second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.