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Longchamp Bags Second Hand

With ten of their patented Le Pliage tote bags being purchased every minute in 2015 alone, it’s safe to assume that Longchamp are the champions of stylish bags. The brand’s dedication to quality leather and core family values are the backbone of their success. More about Longchamp Bags >

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The First Family of Bags

Longchamp was founded by Jean Cassegrain in 1948, borne out of a tobacco business owned by his father in Paris, France. Since then, Longchamp has remained in the more-than-capable hands of direct descendants of Cassegrain. His grandson, Jean junior, is the CEO of the company today, while five family members sit on the board of directors. The closeness of blood-ties has proved to be incredibly beneficial to the brand, who under the second and third generations of the family have opened boutiques on every continent in the world. Keeping the business in the family has reinforced an integrity and honesty within Longchamp that is hard to find in other brands.

Fashion’s Favourite Bags

Longchamp was founded in 1948 in Paris, France by Jean Cassegrain. Initially the label was founded as a luxury provider of leather goods, manufacturing leather pipe covers and other smoking accessories. Elvis Presley and other celebrities were noted fans of the brand, favouring their exotic leathers and patterns. By the 50s Longchamp had diversified, manufacturing small leather goods such as wallets and passport covers for men on every continent. The first Longchamp handbag was released in 1971, signalling a new era for the label. After the release of the ultimate in Longchamp tote bags, the “Le Pliage” in 1993, Longchamp has been held in the highest esteem with regards to bags.

The Legend of Longchamp’s “Le Pliage”

Since the fateful launch of the Le Pliage in 1993, Longchamp have been favoured by every woman worth her weight in totebags. The brand are responsible for the biggest bag trend in recent times, and their signature tote is available in a slew of hues and styles making it the most popular bag in the world. Everyone from The Duchess of Cambridge to Amy Adams has had a Longchamp handbag hanging from their arm. The brand’s genius doesn’t just end with the Le Pliage, however. Longchamp clutch bags, handbags and other bag styles are all just as swoon-worthy as their signature tote.

Longchamp Bags Today

Considering that approximately ten Le Pliage totes were being sold every minute in 2015, it’s pretty safe to say that the brand is going to continue being the world’s favourite bag provider. A Longchamp bag is not only a pretty fashion accessory - it’s a statement of your dedication to the lifestyle. Authentic Longchamp travel bags, tote bags, shoppers and other items can all be found second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel