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Founded in Munich in 1978, Laurèl is a women’s luxury clothing brand. The brand designs clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and jewellery. Laurèl’s ethos is based on femininity, colour and luxury ease, creating clothing for confident and self-assured women.

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Examining Elisabeth Schwaiger

German designer Elisabeth Schwaiger is the driving force behind Laurèl clothes. She has been designing for the brand since 1995. Schwaiger has been described as the embodiment of fashionable femininity. The fashion designer has been working for Laurèl for many years. She designs two fabulous collections for the label each year, and each piece contains a trace of her cool, calm and classy aura. Schwaiger takes inspirations for her designs from her travels. She’s drawn upon her adventures in cities such as Paris, Milan and Tokyo while designing for Laurèl. Today, she continues to design for the brand.

The Roots of Laurèl

Laurèl was launched in 1978 by Wolfgang Ley and his wife Margaretha. Laurèl was founded as a diffusion line from main label Escada. Laurèl’s parent label Escada is one of Germany’s best loved brands, and has branched out across Europe and the US. The laid-back, easygoing style of Laurèl bags, shoes and clothing found favour with a European audience. Elisabeth Schwaiger is has been head of design since 1995.

The Definition of Casual Chic

From day one Laurèl clothing has aimed to create an easy-going aesthetic. Using more casual materials such as jersey, leather and wool Schwaiger works her magic and crafts Laurèl shoes and clothes that are truly the embodiment of relaxed chic. The brand’s pieces are best suited to independent, confident ladies with a keen sense of their own style. A Laurèl dress sporting their signature feminine silhouette is the perfect outfit for a day out. Elisabeth Schwaiger really makes her own mark on each item she creates, injecting some of her cool, sophisticated aura into her work.

Laurèl Today

Laurèl continue to deliver their unique brand of laid-back luxe with europe and the rest of the world. The brand release two new collections each year, full to bursting with Laurèl accessories and clothes that are sure to make your friends jealous. Authentic Laurèl jewellery, clothes, bags, shoes and accessories are available second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.