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Responsible for some of the most innovative and fresh footwear in the past one hundred years, Jourdan is the go-to French label for avant-garde style. The brand blends originality and classic fashion perfectly, creating lines of high-quality, elegant shoes, bags and accessories.

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The Early History of Jourdan

Charles Jourdan was born in 1883 in France. Jourdan was trained as a shoemaker and after World War I he opened his flagship shoe store in the Drome region of France, the center of the country’s shoe industry. His expertly crafted lines of women's shoes became very popular and after two years Jourdan moved his shoe company into a factory in 1921. After the end of WWII, Jourdan took his three sons Rene, Charles and Roland aboard the company. By 1957, the family had opened the first Parisian boutique dedicated to Jourdan shoes as well as expanding into the UK. The Jourdan family strived to deliver the best in modern footwear, and as a result of their work the Jourdan brand is still a hot commodity today. Charles passed away in 1976; however, his sons continued to build the Jourdan empire.

Jourdan’s Innovative Spirit

Jourdan has long been known as a forward-thinking label. During the 1930s, Charles Jourdan became the first-ever footwear designer to advertise his shoes in a fashion magazine. This set the tone for the entirety of Jourdan’s history. In the world of post-WWII style, Jourdan pumps and peeptoes were crafted from new-fashioned materials. The brand would constantly play around with form and fashion, emulating an unusual, avant-garde aesthetic that was completely new in the world of footwear. Over time, the brand branched out from shoes and added lines of Jourdan bags, accessories and clothing, all designed in the same original style. Jourdan was also one of the first brands to get to grips with the internet, launching their groundbreaking website in 1997 at a time when most labels had no online presence. Today, the Jourdan name is still synonymous with forward-thinking fashion.

A Favourite of Imelda Marcos

Innovation and timelessness are the two biggest influences present in a Jourdan collection. The brand has been developing beautiful, elegant collections since post WWI - that’s almost one hundred years of revolutionary style. Jourdan create shoes with elegance and panache, working and reworking classic shapes to create something new and exciting. Shoe enthusiast Imelda Marcos was undoubtedly Jourdan’s most notorious customer, and if it’s good enough for the queen of footwear then it’s definitely good enough for us. A pair of Jourdan ankle boots will stand the test of time and add some serious style points to your outfit.

Jourdan Today

After a brief hiatus in the mid-2000s, Jourdan burst back onto the scene in 2009 at Paris Fashion Week and has continued its reign as queen of avant-garde footwear. A pair of Jourdan boots or a beautiful Jourdan handbag should take pride of place in every girl’s closet. Authentic Jourdan accessories, shoes and bags are available second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.

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