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Looking for a chic, sexy ski suit to liven up your trip to the Swiss Alps this year? Look no further than Jet Set apparel. The label specialises in fashion-conscious outer wear for skiing and harsh weather, and is the perfect shout for a holiday spent in the snow-capped mountains.

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The Jet Set Story

Jet Set clothing was founded in 1969 in St. Moritz by Kurt Ulmer, with the intention of becoming a worldwide luxury ski apparel label. Ulmer was dedicated to creating a brand that stood the test of time and was always working on something new. The brand utilized the newest and most forward-thinking techniques and technology in clothing design to craft Jet Set trousers, jackets and other items. It didn’t take long before the brand blew up; noteworthy people such as the perpetually-stylish Grace Kelly and Gunter Sachs were choosing Jet Set jackets and coats over other labels, a testament to the brand’s excellence. Over time Jet Set began to open up storefronts and today owns three brand stores in Zurich, St. Moritz or Davo. The brand is also running a prominent eCommerce store, marking its ascent into 21st century style. Today [Jet Set accessories](/en/jet-set/accessories and clothing are very popular amongst both ski fans and fashionistas alike.

Fashion That’s Both Functional and Fabulous

A far cry from the lumpy, uniform ski apparel we’ve come to imagine when thinking about whizzing down the Alps, Jet Set clothing is worlds apart from any of its competitors. The brand revels in making weatherproof wonderful, incorporating a host of bizarre, brilliant prints and designs into their collections. Past items have seen animal print, hues of orange and pink, fur, unique prints and other stand-out features. The brand is best-loved for the introduction of its catsuit, a ski suit that is both sexy and sensible. Perfect for keeping you warm on the slopes and looking hot at the bar afterwards, Jet Set suits are a must if you’re planning on a skiing trip this year!

Jet Set Today

With over fifty years experience in the market, Jet Set have managed to dominate the modern-day ski apparel sector with little difficulty. The label’s name is synonymous with fast-paced, fabulous fashion that’s both functional and flattering. Whether you’re all set to hit the highest slopes in Europe this year or you’re just looking for a trendy jacket to keep you warm this winter, you need to invest in a piece from Jet Set.