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Jeans have made the leap to haute couture and are just as at home on the street as on the catwalk. From skinny fit to boyfriend cut, jeans are a winner every season. Discover your second-hand, designer jeans at REBELLE.

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Jeans – the blue wonder

Jeans are absolute classics when it comes to fashion and style. From simple working trousers to one of the most popular, must-have items in the fashion world, jeans have conquered our hearts and we can’t imagine our wardrobes without them. Their popularity is also the reason for the many styles and washes available – the right jeans are available to suit everyone’s style and personality.

As jeans are so versatile and have proven themselves as a fashion all-rounder, you can combine them perfectly in all sorts of ways. Create a slim figure by teaming designer court shoes with skinny jeans or a pair of sytlish sneakers with for a fantastic casual look. A real head-turner is a pair of high heels with a pair of loose fitting boyfriend jeans and an oversized blouse to complete your casual look.

As jeans have been fashionable for centuries, there are also various cut and styles. Skinny jeans, also known as slim fit jeans, are tight fitting and ideal for slim women. Due to their tight fit, skinny jeans usually feature a little stretch for a comfortable fit. At the opposite end of the spectrum are boyfriend jeans that sit loosely on the hips and have wide legs – hence the name; it’s as if you borrowed them from your boyfriend. Don’t forget to turn up the legs of your boyfriend jeans! Other styles include drainpipe jeans with a straight, tight leg and carrot or tapered jeans that are looser around the buttocks and taper down tightly towards the ankle. The contrasting model is the boot cut or flared jeans. Here the leg gets wider towards the bottom so that it fits over your boots. The Californian designer brand 7 For All Mankind has a great selection of stylish designer jeans that you can find at REBELLE.

Where does the term jeans come from?

Jeans have long since achieved cult status in the fashion world and some pairs of original Levi’s are on display in museums. Originally designed as a pair of working trousers, Levi Strauss patented the canvas working trousers with riveted pockets in 1873. The name ‘jeans’ comes from the place of origin of the fabric – namely the Italian town of Genoa, known as ‘Gênes’ in French. This was quickly anglicised into ‘jeans’. ‘Denim’ also takes its name from a town and the French term for it – Serge de Nîmes or ‘fabric from Nîmes’.