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Used Isabel Marant Skirts of verified quality

Isabel Marant Skirts Second Hand

Isabel Marant is a woman who has boasted a ton of talent for designing clothes, shoes and accessories. This is reflected in the beautiful collections that the designer makes and excites her customers with. Her business has become tremendously popular thanks to the beautiful items that are available. More about Isabel Marant Skirts >

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Isabel Marant skirts now

The designer creates the most beautiful clothing, including luxurious Isabel Marant knitwear. These items are also of very good quality and are very beautiful. The fashion house introduces dresses for every occasion and with the favourite items, a perfect skirt can always be found too. The fashion house has become known worldwide and has launched ten fashion boutiques worldwide. There are offices in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, Los Angeles, Beijing, Madrid, Beirut and London. Also, retail stores for this esteemed brand can be found in more than thirty-five countries.

How it all started

Isabel Marant founded the French fashion house in 1994. The label is named after the name of the designer herself. Isabel was born in 1976 and grew up in a German-French family. Her mother was a German woman and her father was a Frenchman. In 1987, at age eighteen, Isabel graduated from the Parisian fashion school Studio Bercot. Two years after her graduation, she launched her own clothing collection. This consisted of beautiful Isabel Marant trousers, nice dresses and outerwear. After many clothing designs, she launched her own label in 1994 and established her own store in Paris on Rue de Charonne. A second and third store followed shortly after and were located in Paris. In 2000, the brand was expanded with an Etoile collection, including items from a lower price category. In 2003, the label teamed up with H & M. This pleased customers so much that the collection was sold out in no time. However, the brand really broke through when the Isabel top trainers launched in the market. This was trainers with a wedge heel. These trainers were seen being worn by many celebrities.

It-skirt Isabel Marant

Beautiful skirts from this designer ensure that you look just a little different than the rest. Skirts are always an IT item if you ask women. These skirts are available in different lengths, colours and types. A woman cannot walk by unnoticed while she wears a red Isabel Marant skirt. This striking item is exquisite especially because it is completely made of patent leather and boasts a bow detail on the front. Combine this skirt with nice hip boots and a nice knit turtleneck for the best look.

Isabel Marant dresses at REBELLE

REBELLE offers a wide range of pre-loved designer items. 600 unique products from this luxury label are offered and there are many wonderful items among these. A quality check is performed on the items to ensure that the correct price is paid for genuine products. Owing to the fact that the brand is exceedingly popular in the United Kingdom, the value of products will always remain stable.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel