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Used Isabel Marant Shoes of verified quality

Isabel Marant Shoes Second Hand

All the class of Parisian fashion without the gaudy ostentatiousness, Isabel Marant shoes are a must-have for any lady with a love of footwear. The brand incorporates bohemian elements with chic style to create a uniquely laid-back aesthetic that the fashion world can’t get enough of. More about Isabel Marant Shoes >

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From Humble Beginnings

Marant’s first foray into design came in 1982 when, bored with the choices given to her in clothing stores, she asked her father for a sewing machine to make her own. This led her to reconsider studying economics, and subsequently she undertook a course in fashion design in 1985. Uopn graduating she worked under Michael Klein, Bridget Yoke and other designers, before launching her first collection of clothing in 1989. By 1994 she had established the house of Isabel Marant. Her first show took place the following year and was held in the courtyard of a squat and was modeled for by her friends. Marant designed with herself and her friends in mind, wishing to create clothing she would feel comfortable in. This has paid off immensely - today she holds power as one of Paris’ most beloved designers.

The Rise of Isabel Marant Footwear

Isabel Marant began in 1990, and was officially launched as a fashion house in 1994. After their first-ever runway show in 1995, the brand’s popularity soared. Isabel Marant shoes in particular were a runaway hit, and to this day they remain the brand’s hottest commodities. In 2003 the brand collaborated with Swedish retail giant H&M for a one-off collection of Isabel Marant boots, tops, dresses and other items. The collection sold out sold out in minutes and remains the fastest-selling line H&M has ever carried.The brand has opened many standalone stores in numerous cities including Paris and Hong Kong, and today holds its own as one of Paris’ most popular brands.

Bohemian Elegance

Parisian elegance and boho-chic style come together to create the ultra-coveted Isabel Marant shoe collections. The designer invests in supple, soft suedes and leathers when building her statement shoes, giving off an air of quality and superiority over other labels. A pair of Isabel Marant ankle boots are dainty and a delight to wear, complimenting any relaxed outfit in your wardrobe. Isabel Marant trainers in particular have been a best-seller in the last while, with stars such as Beyoncé and Kate Bosworth sporting a pair out and about.

Isabel Marant Shoes Today

Today, footwear is Isabel Marant’s biggest seller - anyone with a serious love for shoes will own at least one pair of statement Isabel Marant pumps or peeptoes. Authentic Isabel Marant wedges, trainers, boots and other shoes can be found second-hand at All of or items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel