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Used Isabel Marant Jewellery of verified quality

Isabel Marant Jewellery Second Hand

Isabel Marant began her innovative journey by designing the clothes of her father at only ten years of age, attracting a fair bit of attention. The esteemed brand designs completely according to its own style and produces accessories only if the designer believes she would wear them, too. More about Isabel Marant Jewellery >

Second Hand Isabel Marant Jewellery UK





Charity Shirt

Charity Shirt

Jewellery trends

Modern jewellery is large though to be noticed, eye-catching and colourful. However, the opposite look is also rather nice, small and subtle consisting of thin chains and small pendants. Several jewellery items can be worn at a time, for example, multiple Isabel Marant necklaces which are often made up of multi-coloured metal. Jewellery trends have pointed towards silver, gold and red gold to be the most mainstream. At the same time, wearing different and beautiful colours of Isabel Marant rings on one hand also reflects a luxurious image. Precious stones, pearls and leather are elements that often recur in the brand’s jewellery.

Isabel Marant’s career

In 1989, Isabel Marant launched her "Twen" collection at the age of 22. She held her first show in 1995 in a courtyard, where her friends posed as the models of Isabel’s designed clothes. Just three years later, she opened her first boutique in a workshop of old artists where the historical work is still alive in the Bastille district. Two decades later, Isabel’s vision has remained the same and her passion for fashion has since never been extinguished. At the age of 11, she already knew exactly what people wanted to wear and not wear, thereby creating her own look with jackets and sweaters from her father. Isabel has always encouraged handmade creations and been a keen advocate of preserving and encouraging traditional skills which she claims to be "the ecology of clothing.” Isabel Marant has remained true to its ideals Paris, New York and Hong Kong and its employees and partners have stood by her side from the start. The Paris boutique was kickstarted by Isabel having been only an assistant at fashion shows. She worked behind the scenes and was captivated by the fashion world. Isabel also worked at the popular label Chloé and Yohji before they started themselves. Although its first collection consisted of jewellery and accessories, the prestigious brand has currently expanded to a full clothing line. A few years later, the brand also launched a little lower priced line with a more casual theme, named Isabel Marant Etoile.

Isabel Marant at REBELLE

REBELLE offers a wide variety of Isabel Marant clothing, bags, shoes and accessories. All items on the website are checked in Hamburg for authenticity and condition and the price has been determined by an expert. Owing to the fact that the brand is exceedingly popular in the United Kingdom, the value of products will always remain stable. Consequently, the variety of Isabel Marant collections is continuously growing.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel