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Isabel Marant Dresses Second Hand

Responsible for bringing about a surge in indie, androgynous French fashion, Isabel Marant’s dresses are designed for women with attitude. Think laid-back day dresses, striking, sleek cocktail dresses and boho-chic ball gowns, all offering an alternative to the OTT fashion that is so popular today. More about Isabel Marant Dresses >

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The History of The House

Isabel Marant is a luxury French fashion house which specialises in clothing, accessories and other items for women. The house was founded in 1994 by French designer Isabel Marant. Originally consisting of a line of bespoke knitwear, the brand expanded over time to include Isabel Marant tops, trousers, shoes and other items. Marant’s designs have found favour with fashionistas worldwide, particularly her lines of footwear which have become a necessity in terms of stand-out style. Isabel Marant dresses continue to make appearances on red carpets and in the streets. The brand is available in twelve standalone boutiques worldwide, including in Tokyo, Madrid and London.

All About Isabel

Isabel Marant is a French designer, best known for her work with her eponymous fashion house which she founded in 1990. As a child, Marant expressed no interest in fashion or other such girly pursuits. Instead she was a tomboy, preferring not to conform. She was gifted a sewing machine by her parents one year, and by the age of fifteen she was designing and crafting her own clothing. She decided to abandon her earlier plans of achieving a degree in business and pursued an education in design instead. Her boldness paid off; after the launch of her house in the 1990s, Marant’s name became synonymous with alternative, androgynous fashion. Today, she continues to design for her house.

Beautiful, Boho-Chic Dresses

Isabel Marant dresses are the perfect specimen of boho-chic. Designed to be non-conformist and fabulous, the brand’s dresses are the ultimate in atypical fashion. Short, casual dresses are the brand’s forte - light, loose-fitting and staying within a minimalist palette, they offer endless style without compromising on attitude. If you’re a woman who likes to stray off the beaten runway and create her own aesthetic, then an item from the designer’s collections is a must-have addition to your wardrobe. Many celebrities have donned an Isabel Marant jacket or shoes on occasion.

Isabel Marant Dresses Today

As Isabel Marant continues to dominate alternative French fashion, celebrities remain dedicated to the brand’s boho-chic aesthetic. Katie Holmes, Chrissy Teigen and Sienna Miller are all fans of the house, sporting their striking dresses on occasion.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel