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Best known for their stellar collection of knitwear, Hunkydory is a Scandinavian brand of women’s clothing. The brand is built around the modern woman and provides a fresh, contemporary perspective on knitwear as well as a range of other clothing.

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The Couple Behind The Brand

Ulrika and Christopher Bjercke are the couple behind the Hunkydory brand. The pair met while studying in the same place in Paris, and struck up a relationship. Early on they decided to launch a fashion label together and thus they founded luxury womenswear brand Hunkydory clothes in Sweden. The duo quickly found fame as the first of a slew of new Swedish designers making a mark in the fashion world. Today, they still run and design for their brand together. Christopher has said in the past that the collections the brand produces are influenced by good music, saying that music is his biggest inspiration when working.

Everything Is Hunkydory

Hunkydory was founded in 1996 in Stockholm, Sweden. The name “Hunkydory” was taken from none other than David Bowie, who coined the term which means that everything is cool and calm. In the beginning, the aim of the Bjerckes was to create a modern, stylish Scandinavian brand that offered young women an alternative type of fashion to the mainstream brands that were already on offer. They had seen an opening in the fashion market in Sweden for a brand with a strong knitwear collection, and so Hunkydory was born. Hunkydory is the first in a series of breakthrough Scandinavian brands from the past 20 years, and the brand continues to represent its country of origin on the world stage.

Effortlessly Cool Style

Hunkydory is loved for its contemporary, blended style; the brand provides a healthy mix of rock n roll and boho-chic, creating an effortlessly cool look every time. Hunkydory knitwear is a staple of the brand, with each new collection providing an ample supply of soft, chunky knits to choose from. The brand wanted to break away from traditional Swedish minimalism, rejecting the monotonous black clothing that Swedish designers are so fond of. Hunkydory is designed for the contemporary Swedish woman who’s looking for an alternative to the mass of minimalist designs they’ve been provided with. Notable wearers of the brand include the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria, who has attended events while rocking a Hunkydory skirt.

Hunkydory Today

Hunkydory is continuing its mission to dominate the knitwear market today, with stores open all over Sweden and a strong eCommerce presence. Authentic Hunkydory trousers, knitwear and other items are all available second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.