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Hoss Intropia Second Hand

Spanish label Hoss Intropia has been designing unique and imaginative outfits since 1994. The brand draws inspiration from culturally diverse influences, using ethnic embellishment and retro style. If you like to stand out in a crowded room, treat yourself to a piece from Hoss Intropia. More about Hoss Intropia >

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The History of Hoss Intropia

Hoss Intropia is a Spanish fashion label founded in 1994 in Madrid. From day one the brand has employed an almost exclusively female team of designers, led by Paloma Vásquez de Castro. Hoss Intropia was founded to deliver real clothing for real women, aiming to give a valuable experience to every woman. Initially the brand released one line of womenswear which was sold in department stores. Hoss Intropia clothing began gaining traction and by the end of the 90s they’d branched out by opening their own boutiques. Today, Hoss Intropia bags, clothes, shoes and accessories are available to buy in own-brand stores across Europe, as well as in high-end department stores. Hoss Intropia has also launched two sub-labels; Hoss Intropia Silver Collection and Hoss Intropia Miguel Palacio.

The Pride of Spanish Style

Paloma Vasquez de Castro is a Spanish fashion designer best known for founding Hoss Intropia. In her youth de Castro was a creative person with a love for painting. She initially wished to pursue it as a career and was working in a studio for five years before a chance encounter changed her mind. She met Constan Hernandez, and together they decided to launch Hoss Intropia. De Castro’s feminine, down-to-earth style quickly earned her a cult following in Spain. She claims she designs for the real woman; a woman who is confident, passionate and excited about life. Today she continues to run her label, designing new lines of Hoss Intropia shoes, accessories and clothing each season.

Truly Unique Fashion

Hoss Intropia’s aesthetic is refreshing, intriguing and most of all enrapturing. The brand take heed of a vast selection of influences including vintage clothing, retro pieces and ethnic accents. Their broad knowledge of style has given them an individual edge in the market as they are able to offer up something new and exciting to pore over each season. The brand designs and manufactures all of its own prints, patterns and embellishments, a nod to their free-form style of creation. Hoss Intropia accessories are great statement pieces to add to any outfit and the perfect way to complete a stand-out look.

Hoss Intropia Today

Today the brand continues to grow, and celebrities have started jumping on the bandwagon. Eva Longoria, Julia Stiles and countless other stylish women have been seen repping Hoss Intropia around the Hollywood Hills in the past. Authentic Hoss Intropia jewellery, clothes, shoes, bags and accessories can be found second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel