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Hermès’ reputation with handbags is outstanding, rivalling their competitors by a long-shot. The inventors of the beloved Birkin bag amongst other cult items, Hermes has remained dedicated to delivering top-quality, beautiful bags for the last century. Any true fashion fanatic will already own a Birkin - or three!

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Birkin Bags and Beyond

The Hermès brand was set up in 1837 by Thierry Hermès. The brand specialises in luxury French fashion, ranging from clothes to leather goods - but their most famous commodity is their handbags. The brand was initially founded to distribute luxury leather goods for European horsemen. In the first half of the 20th century Hermès made the move from their niche market into the world of French high-fashion. 1922 welcomed the arrival of Hermès handbags. Emile-Maurice Hermès designed them after he couldn’t find one that his wife liked. Hermès became a symbol of luxury worldwide over the next decades, with their Kelly and Birkin handbags gaining cult status. Today Hermès continues to deliver goods of the greatest quality to stores and points of sale spread across the world, and Hermès clutch bags, handbags and totes are still as stylish as ever.

The History of The Hermes Family

Hermès has always been in control of the Hermès family, giving them an air of authenticity and credibility not found with other labels. From the inception of Hermès in 1837 to today, the Hermès family have continually had a hand in the brand’s running. The family moved from Germany to France in 1828. Thierry founded his eponymous label in 1837 and built it from the ground up, establishing it as a respectable business. Thierry’s son Charles-Émile and his sons Adolphe and Émile-Maurice took control of the label in 1880 eventually bumping it up to high-fashion. Émile Maurice was the first handbag designer for Hermès in 1922 after his wife was tired of the style of handbag on offer to her at the time. Robert Dumas-Hermès took over in the 1950s, and since then Hermès has continued to remain in the hands of an Hermes descendant.

Strong, Superior Style Since 1922

Hermès has been a purveyor of intricately crafted, high-quality handbags since 1922. In the past century, a bag from this brand has gone from being a pretty accessory to a symbol of power, class and style. Applying strong structure, supple, exotic leathers and statement accents, Hermès have managed to completely dominate the luxury bag market. The most famous of all of their bags however has to be the Birkin - inspired by English actress Jane Birkin, this bag has hung on the forearm of everyone from Kim Kardashian to Victoria Beckham. Anyone who’s anyone will own an Hermès tote bag, and if you love bags then you should own one too!

Hermès Handbags Today

Hermès are still enjoying their title as handbag royalty, and the brand isn’t about to let its crown slip either. Hermès continues to deliver real handbag royalty each season, serving up fresh styles as well as new takes on their famous Kelly and Birkin bags. A Hermès backpack is a necessity for those wishing to take their fashion-consciousness up a notch.