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Hermès Belts Second Hand

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With Hermès you’re always guaranteed to get what you pay for. The brand specialises in quintessential accents crafted from the best leather available in France, all stamped with their iconic insignia and bearing the hallmarks of the house’s classic aesthetic.

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The Honourable History of Hermès

Hermès is a luxury brand of leather goods, accessories, clothing, jewellery and homeware founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermès. The house was set up to deliver luxury leather riding goods to the elite inhabitants of Europe. Hermès made a name for itself through the quality of its accessories, building up a strong and prosperous customer base in a couple of decades. In the 20th century, the brand began to move away from riding goods and towards couture.In 1929 they broke the mold and released their first line of clothing, a couture collection for women. The line was a success and encouraged Hermès to return to leather goods as part of their new venture. The 1930s saw the introduction of what is now known as the brand’s biggest seller – Hermès bags and purses. The bags were snapped up and loved for their classic, graceful style. The first lines of Hermès scarves and other accents hit the market in 1937.

Hermès And The Cult of Celebrity

As the culture of celebrity began to take hold, so too did the popularity of Hermès. Esteemed women everywhere were scrambling to carry an Hermès original on their arm. Grace Kelly and Jane Birkin were two such ladies, and both ended up having iconic Hermès bags named after them. Today Hermès is still an incredibly popular French fashion house. They bring their traditional, rich aesthetic to the forefront each season with new collections, keeping the fashion pack quiet with lines of indulgent Hermès hats and caps, bags, scarves and other bespoke accents.

Masters of Leather and Luxe

A belt from Hermès is the ultimate in luxe French fashion. The brand’s accents offer a stroke of genius style to any outfit, tying the most elegant of clothing together to give an air of sophistication and class that’s hard to find in modern fashion. Hermès is famed for their work with leather, so it’s no surprise that their accents are all crafted from the best quality cuts of material available. If you’re a fan of luxury and splendour, you need to treat yourself to some items from this house. A Hermès watch can add more distinction to your clothing collection than ten watches from a lesser-known label.

Hermès Belts Today

As Hermès remains the most sought-after supplier of handbags in contemporary fashion, their accessories also continue to be an incredibly popular commodity. Every female worth her weight in couture will know the value Hermès can add to a wardrobe - just ask the world’s best-known fashionistas! Victoria Beckham and Kylie Jenner, two women noted for their taste in clothing, are long-time fans of Hermès. Authentic Hermès scarves and shawls, belts, gloves and other accents are available second-hand at

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