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Hair accessories Second Hand

Glamorous, elegant and trendy, hair jewellery can fashionably set of your hairstyle. Discover your ideal, second-hand, designer hair accessoires at REBELLE. More about Hair accessories >

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Charity Shirt

Charity Shirt

Decorative accessories for your hair

Our hair is one of our defining characteristics so it’s worth paying it some proper attention. Unfortunately elegant hair accessoires is not given enough attention even though there are so many beautiful hair bands and clips available. We think that hair jewellery should be treated like all other accessories. Just like a Hermès handbag or a pair of sunglasses, hair jewellery is both practical and decorative.

People have been decorating their hair for thousands of years with natural elements such as flowers and wood and, later, even metal. Native Americans turned hair jewellery into an art form with their feathered headdresses, the most elaborate of which were reserved for the chief. In the early advanced civilisations, gold and silver were crafted into hair bands and clips. These items were mainly worn by women. You could also go as far as to say that crowns are also a special type of hair jewellery.

Hair accessoires spices up your hairstyle in an eye-catching manner no matter how long it is. An elegant plait can be discreetly decorated with metal clips or even with bright gemstones for a splash of colour. A chic up-do can also be enhanced with a bejewelled clip for a unique touch. Hairbands are more eye-catching and, depending on what you’re doing, can be both decorative and practical. When playing sport, it’s simply easier to keep your hair out of your face and hairbands are a great alternative to hair ties if you have short hair.

Have fun experimenting with hair jewellery and testing out new styles. Every woman should have a few hair accessories in her jewellery box.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel