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Used Gucci Trainers of verified quality

Gucci Trainers Second Hand

The renowned beige pattern of Gucci is a prominent feature that is reflected in numerous items of this esteemed brand. It took a long time before the fashion house kickstarted its sneaker production but its beautiful and innovative sneaker collection has become a rooting success. More about Gucci Trainers >

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Charity Shirt

Charity Shirt

Back in time

When Guccio Gucci began working for a hotel in London as an ordinary valet, he was certain that he had to return to his native Florence to realize his passion in fashion. He was very inspired by the elite English people who visited the hotel and often talked about equestrian skills. Guccio launched his first store and began selling leather goods for horse riders. All recognizable elements of the brand today were also originally inspired by horses. The double “G” logo is derived partly from the horses, and the green-red-green stripe comes from an item that caused the saddle used to sit on a horse. After enjoying heavy success at home, Guccio expanded his business to Manhattan. The prestigious brand has experienced worldwide success recently, although Guccio himself died at the age of 72. His sons took over and expanded the variety to Gucci ankle boots, ballet flats, pumps and all kinds of shoes for women. The brand, however, also saw several downs but designer Tom Ford ensured that Gucci stayed on the surface. Alessandro Michele also vastly contributed to this popular brand’s epic successes with his fresh goals.

Your Gucci sneaker

An extremely unique and well-designed Gucci item is the ace embroidered low-top sneaker. This white sneaker features the brand’s esteemed green-red-green logo which is often reflected on other Gucci boots as well. The Italian fashion brand is famous for its glorious floral print and this print was renewed and embroidered by Alessandro Michele. Besides his love for wildlife, Alessandro also had a fascination with animals which is reflected in all his collections, including the clothing line. A common pattern animal is the tiger, based on a Greek myth that suggests Zeus sent the god Dionysus riding a tiger, which he used to cross the Tigris river. The flowers and the tiger are iconic symbols of Gucci and highlight the style of the Italian designer. The sneakers even include studs, hearts or a pineapple. There are many other elements that give the shoes something extra, such as beautiful golden and silver rhinestones. These sneakers are also considered as a sex object in the eyes of many fashionistas. Countless celebrities have often been spotted wearing these sneakers. Gucci slippers and ballerinas can be worn elegantly under a summer dress or any summer outfit.

Gucci trainers at REBELLE

All trainers are like other items offered by REBELLE. All items on the website are checked in Hamburg for authenticity and condition. The Gucci sneakers stand out under all sorts of pants, dresses and skirts. This ensures that this desirable item boasts unprecedented popularity and a stable value.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel