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Used Gucci Sunglasses of verified quality

Gucci Sunglasses Second Hand

The house of Gucci is famed for its decadent, gleaming approach to accessories. Belts, bags, sunglasses and scarves all exude confidence and esteem, decorated with those oh-so-recognizable interlocking Gs. If you like to live a life of luxury, then Gucci sunglasses should be on the top of your wish-list. More about Gucci Sunglasses >

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Charity Shirt

Charity Shirt

Alessandro Michele From Childhood To Creative Director of Gucci

Alessandro Michele is the Italian fashion designer currently fulfilling the role of creative director for the house of Gucci. Born in Rome, Michele is the son of parents with deep-rooted loves for the arts; his mother was an avid cinema fan and his father was interested in sculpture. The designer was given a cultured upbringing, and in his teens he was an active member of the post-punk movement - this element of his past can still be seen in his work today. Michele studied Costume Design at the Academy of Costume and Fashion in Rome before going on to work for Fendi, where he studied under Karl Lagerfeld. Here he rose to the ranks of Senior Accessories Designer. He left to take a job with Tom Ford before eventually finding his way to Gucci in 2002. Since taking the job at Gucci Michele has proved his worth as a designer time and again through fabulous collections of clothing and accessories. He was awarded the International Award by the CFDA in 2015 for his contribution to fashion, the same year he was promoted to the creative director position at Gucci. Michele has authority over every collection at the house, right down to Gucci gloves, glasses and other finishing touches. The designer has proved to be an invaluable asset to the house, placing it on top of contemporary fashion.

Gucci And The Pursuit of Excellence

Gucci has always vigorously pursued decadence and excellence, so it’s no surprise that even their accessories are in continuously high demand. Gucci sunglasses have been sported in music videos, on red carpets and bright white beaches alike. The label’s name carries a lot of weight in terms of credibility and style, and during the last two decades their shades have been a must-have accessory for the world’s rich and famous. Gucci’s accessory collections have always been this way; a small but mighty symbol of prestige and luxury, owning any accent with the gold, gleaming GG symbol on it will attract attention for all the right reasons. Gucci’s bags and purses are an essential for women with rich, opulent style, adding a dimension of high-esteem to any outfit.

Gucci Sunglasses Today

Under the guidance of Alessandro Michele Gucci has blossomed, beginning to truly reach its full potential. The house has seen a slew of celebrities lining up to rock their accessories recently, with Kendall Jenner, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jennifer Aniston all seen wearing a Gucci belt. Gucci is one Italian label that will always carry an air of wealth and luxe, releasing only the best to be worn by the best.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel