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Gucci Shoulder bag Second Hand

Used Gucci Shoulder bag of verified quality

Gucci’s bags have been famed for their quality and look since their introduction in the 20th century. Made from soft, supple leather and marked with the famed GG symbol, a Gucci bag is synonymous with class, wealth, prosperity and luxury.

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About Guccio Gucci

Guccio Gucci was a famous Italian businessman and fashion designer who founded the house of Gucci in 1920. Gucci was born and raised in Florence, Italy by a merchant father and in his youth he emigrated to London. Here he worked as a lift boy in one of the finest hotels in the city at the time - The Savoy. Guests would travel with decadent, luxe travel cases which the young Gucci was enamoured with. Inspired by the cases he saw on a daily basis, he began to sketch designs for his own range of trunks and travel accessories. He returned to Florence in 1920 and set up a store selling trunks and fine leather goods. Gucci bags quickly followed and became a must-have item in post-WWII Italy.

The Expansion Of The House

After Guccio’s death in 1953 his sons took over and continued to expand the company, opening stores across europe and expanding their lines to include Gucci handbags, shoulder bags and other items. A clothing and accessories range followed in the decades after as the house began to dominate Italian fashion. Anyone who was anyone was snapped wearing Gucci - from bags to boots, the world’s elite had picked up on the value of Gucci as a label. Today the house of Gucci remains one of the most beloved and well-known names in fashion. With stores all over the world and features in every major fashion publication, the brand has proven itself worthy of the attention time and time again with stunning collections of Gucci shoulder bags, dresses, heels and everything inbetween.

Statement Bags With Sumptuous Style

Gucci’s style has always been easily discernable in a crowded room. Rich, gleaming and gorgeous, the brand favours fashion that is eye-catching and opulent. A Gucci tote bag or handbag is made from strong, supple leathers and canvases, embellished with chunky metallic accents and always bearing the signature GG symbol that the brand is famous for. A Gucci bag isn’t just a fashion accessory - it’s a statement about yourself, a nod to your status and standing within society.

Gucci Shoulder Bags Today

As Gucci approaches a century in business, the brand continues to stay as relevant as they’ve ever been in high fashion. With each new collection they outdo the last, offering new takes on old-world luxe. Celebrity fans of Gucci clutch bags and shoulder bags include Rihanna, Rita Ora and Dianna Agron.