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Used Gucci Sandals (flat) of verified quality

Gucci Sandals (flat) Second Hand

Gucci is a globally renowned high fashion brand that focuses on quality clothing, bags, accessories and shoes. In every collection, it introduces, the esteemed brand delivers a variety of sandals. The brand’s iconic double "G" logo in green and red colours can always be found on its sandals. More about Gucci Sandals (flat) >

Second Hand Gucci Sandals (flat) UK





Charity Shirt

Charity Shirt

Tythes Renner

The lovely Gucci pumps and peeptoes are a good way to recognise this brand with. Besides the pumps, the iconic Gucci slippers and ballerinas are beautiful too. A typical product of this brand is the "Tythes Renner” which are sandals that are perfectly combined with a summer outfit. The sandals can be combined with a summer dress or with a short or long pants and a simple shirt and contribute to the most casual while still having a classy touch. This is mainly because the sandals are made of black leather with the logo that has constantly been shown to the fashion world. The bonds consist of distinctive Gucci colours while the links at the top have red with green edges and on both sides, the brand emblem itself can be spotted.

How it started

During the late nineteenth century, Gucci‘s journey began with the opening of a leather goods shop. The man behind this brand, Guccio Gucci, along with three of his sons Aldo, Vasco and Rodolfo has today built a dynasty. Once they set up a leather goods shop, they started selling leather in the form of bags, shoes and accessories and even kept production going during World War II despite the fact that it was difficult to sell the products because of leather material shortages. As a result, Gucci temporarily converted to cotton and grew even more once World War II was over. They started designing distinct handbags and expanded their collections to include watches, jewellery, ties and even eyeglasses by the 1970s. At the same time, the distinctive double "G" logo was established, which could still be seen in 2016 in almost all lines offered by Gucci. In 1997, there were 76 Gucci stores worldwide and a year later, the empire was crowned "European Company of the Year 1998.” Although the brand enjoyed strong economic and financial growth, its strategy and the quality of its management was also the driving force behind winning this award. The Gucci headquarters is situated in Florence and other offices are located in Milan, Paris, London, Hong Kong, Japan and New York.

Gucci at REBELLE

REBELLE hosts an impressive collection of pre-loved quality Gucci products. The sandals offered are available in several colours that go well with a summer outfit. Variations between cream-coloured sandals to snakeskin and between different types of tires can also be found. One band is made of leather while the other is made of cotton. All items on the website are checked in Hamburg for authenticity and condition.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel