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Gucci Knitwear Second Hand

The fashion house Gucci started nearly 100 years ago, designing and producing garments in the capital of Italy. Three generations of the Prada family designed for this esteemed fashion house. The beautiful knits are known for their elegant appearance and the quality materials from which they are produced. More about Gucci Knitwear >

Second Hand Gucci Knitwear UK

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How knitwear started

The fashion company was founded in Italy. The founder, Guccio Gucci, was born in 1881. In 1921, he opened a small bag factory in the city of Florence. The journey of fame for the brand started in Rome. Shortly after, Gucci opened a shop in Milan and two years later, the brand even opened in America. This allowed the company to sell its name to other markets in the world. In 1953, Guccio died and his three sons Aldo, Ugo and Rodolfo took over the business from their father and the brand logo was designed by Aldo. This logo is reflected on many items, such as the famous Gucci jackets and coats. As the grandson of Gucci, Maurizio took over the company in 1983, and unfortunately the brand started going downhill. When esteemed designer Tom Ford appeared at the company in the 90s, the brand rose again and was again hugely successful. In 2004, the company was taken over by Frida Giannini. Robert Polet, who came from the Netherlands, was asked in 2004 to become the CEO at Gucci. The fashion house is still successful and the assortment is branching out of just shoes and bags to beautiful clothes, including fabulous knits.

Popular items

Knits are in fashion today and this is no big surprise. To put a real statement, fashion addicts can wear the gift oversized sweater with one of the unique Gucci trousers. Additionally, they can also have fun combining knits with a white blouse so the outfit gets a casual look. With this brand, fashionistas will see many black knits, and this is the perfect colour to combine easily with all the favourite items.

Knitwear Gucci now

Knitted fabrics can be seen being used lot for oversized sweaters. Combine these with nice over-the-knee boots for a classy look. Gucci also has many great new collections designed with floral details. The same can also be found in the bag collection of the brand. On REBELLE, customers can easily purchase pre-owned copies of these items. Robert Polet is totally convinced that the Internet is the main source of income in the field of fashion. A sweater that most appeals customers from the new collection is the handmade Union Jack Intarsia wool knit top from Italy. This sweater is inspired by the "cruise collection" and there is an American flag on it. Additionally, it contains detail on the neck of the sweater which makes it very elegant and original.

Gucci at REBELLE

On REBELLE, a proper audit is conducted. All items on the website are checked in Hamburg for authenticity and condition. REBELLE offers a wide range of classy items for various types of luxury labels. Owing to the fact that the brand is exceedingly popular in the United Kingdom, the value of products will always remain stable. This unique collection is definitely worth taking a look at.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel