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Gucci Belts Second Hand

Ever the purveyors of fine, fabulous Italian accessories, Gucci’s belts are the ultimate in decadence. Made from soft, supple leather and adorned with chunky, gleaming buckles, a belt from Gucci is the perfect injection of opulence and style for any outfit. More about Gucci Belts >

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The Formation of The House of Gucci

The house of Gucci began in 1921 when founder Guccio Gucci opened up a store dedicated to selling luxury travel cases and leather goods. Gucci had been working in the Savoy Hotel in London prior to this and had been inspired by the ornate, opulent trunks and bags guests would bring to the hotel with them. He returned to his native Italy and set up shop, employing the work of master craftsmen and Tuscan artisans to create his vision. His collections were a success inspired heavily by horse-riding and the equestrian lifestyle. This led to the development of the horsebit symbol, an icon still used by the label today.

Gucci Into the 21st Century

Throughout WWII Gucci’s dedication to the finest quality material was forced to take a hit. Ever the innovator, the designer began to use materials such as bamboo, hemp and linen to create his pieces. The Bamboo Bag, Gucci’s first true it-bag, was released during this time. The brand continued to expand, opening stores worldwide. Guccio passed away in 1957 but was replaced by his sons, who continued to grow the brand. Today, Gucci bags and purses, clothes, shoes and other items are synonymous with high-fashion and luxury, offering opulent style to the world’s elite - just as they did in the beginning.

Opulence Defined

Made from leathers of the highest calibre and adorned with the house’s signature interlocking G’s, Gucci belts have long been a symbol of status. The brand have been developing belts and other leather goods since day one, and their knowledge and experience with the material is plain to see. Soft, supple and sophisticated, a Gucci belt is the ideal way to tie an outfit together splendidly. Bold, daring embellishment is welcomed in the form of Gucci’s buckles which re chunky and eye-catching. The clasps almost always feature the G symbol, and sometimes are adorned with Gucci’s iconic horsebit clasp. If you consider yourself a lady who loves luxe accessories, then you should already own one of Gucci’s iconic, versatile belts. Other accessories from the label including Gucci watches, scarves and wallets are all designed to emulate a certain style and will match well with one of their stunning belts.

Gucci Belts Today

Today, Gucci sunglasses, watches and belts remain a hot commodity in the fashion world. Everyone from Kendall Jenner to Dakota Johnson is rocking one of Gucci’s belts lately, using them to bring together stunning and versatile outfits.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel