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Beginning in 2000 Golden Goose has been releasing stunningly chic collections of clothing, shoes and accessories. Radiating with a chilled-out, Californian glow while retaining all the quality of Venetian artisans, a piece from this label is definitely worth its weight in gold.

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The Pride of Venice

Golden Goose in an Italian luxury brand of clothing, shoes and other items, founded in 2000 by Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo. The founders are a married couple, and began their business venture in the city of Venice, Italy. The fledgling designers funded everything themselves and were choosy about their workforce, allowing them to produce the collections exactly how they wished. For the next several years the duo made a name for themselves selling Golden Goose clothes, opening a store in Milan. However it wasn’t until 2007 that the label truly blew up, following the introduction of the first Golden Goose sneakers. The brand’s debut line of lace-ups enamoured Italian fashionistas and American socialites alike, gaining traction rapidly. The shoes were and still are manufactured in Venice where it all began, giving them an air of superiority over other labels. Today there are flagship Golden Goose stores in countless capital cities including New York, Tokyo, London, Amsterdam and Seoul.

Golden Goose’s Gorgeous Style

Embodying the wonder of Venice and the laid-back style of Miami, Golden Goose shoes are a perfect example of opposites attracting. The designers opt to mix modern with classic, marrying two clashing cultures to create style that’s always chic and cool. Dedicated to quality and maintaining the authenticity of their Venetian roots, the brand manufactures everything in the city where it was founded. This, coupled with the founders’ obsession with perfection, creates a level of quality reserved for only the finest Italian footwear. The style is influenced by West Coast US street style, taking cues from skater style and boho-chic fashion. The result is magic; everyday-fabulous fashion made from fine, rich materials. Never try-hard or desperate, just cool, flawless outfits that will always be classic. Thanks to the originality of the founding couple and their devotion to their business, we can expect to see a lot more Golden Goose clothing and accessories gracing the pages of fashion magazines and blogs.

Golden Goose Today

As Golden Goose continues to apply their cool, fresh aesthetic to enviable collections of clothing, their name appears more and more frequently in blogs, articles and department stores. With flagship stores opening up across the globe, they seem to be unstoppable. Everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Emma Stone has been spotted rocking a bespoke outfit from the label. Purchasing a piece from Golden Goose is well worth it, in terms of style and quality. Authentic Golden Goose accessories, clothing and shoes can be found second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.