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You wouldn’t want to be without them on cold days, however, gloves are more than just a warm accessory; they are also stylishly fashionable items that can put the finishing touches to your look. Discover your pair of designer gloves in our online shop.

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Gloves – warm accessories

Gloves are our saviours as we know that the cold is not good for our hands. Gloves are essential in the winter; combine them with a cosy designer scarf to complete your autumn/winter look in style. From fingered gloves to mittens, gloves are a must-have in any accessories drawer.

Up until a few decades ago, long gloves that went over the wrist and up to the elbow were a permanent fixture of women’s evening wear. Even though they’re not a must-have anymore, elegant gloves are still a stylish and useful accessory. Gloves made from soft leather and velvet are not seen so often nowadays, however there are some very special occasions, such as the Vienna Opera Ball, where these distinctive gloves are worn.

The materials used for gloves these days have to be comfortable to wear and must also keep out the cold. For autumn weather, knitted gloves made from wool or mixed fabrics are ideal – they’re lightweight, but still keep the cold air out. The disadvantage of wool is that it’s not waterproof meaning that woollen gloves are not the best for making snowballs. For seriously cold weather, high-quality leather is better as it is very comfortable to wear. No matter if you choose smooth or full-grain leather, this material is robust enough to protect you from the cold and soft enough not to hinder your sense of touch. Classic black leather gloves go with all outfits, from an elegant Prada coat to fluffy UGG boots – they are perfect for protection and style.

Fingered gloves are very flexible and helpful for everyday use. To ensure that they warm properly, they should fit tightly as the insulating effect is lost if there is too much space between the skin and the fabric. However, they shouldn’t be so tight that they cut of the blood circulation! Mittens can fit a little looser so that the fingers have enough space and can hold the ski poles properly when you’re on the piste.

The right size

When buying gloves you should make sure you choose the right size; gloves are sized either in numbers from 4 to 9 or using the international sizing chart from XS to XL. In the REBELLE online shop we have created a size chart that uses the circumference of the hand as a guide. To measure the circumference, measure around your hand at the knuckles without the thumb. This will help you determine the right size.