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Glasses have long since become more than a visual aid. With a pair of glasses you can define your own style and create a fashionable effect. Find designer glasses in the REBELLE online shop.

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More than just a visual aid

For some, glasses are an essential visual aid, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be used to make a fashion statement too. Luckily there’s a large range of glasses in various different colours, materials and shapes. As glasses sit right in the middle of your face, you should always choose a pair that suit the shape of your face as well as your style.

In contrast to sunglasses, glasses are with you, on your nose, almost all day every day which means they are the perfect fashion accessory for underlining your personal style. This also means they should be robust and fit well.

Made to fit your face

Stainless steel is used for metal frames making glasses rust-free and robust. Unlike plastic, metal can be made quite thin making the frames light and comfortable to wear. There are also coloured frames that can be subtle and classic.

With plastic frames there’s a more fashionable and extravagant selection. Plastic is also light and robust. Some frames feature striking colours and patterns that can spice up your fashion style depending on your mood. Horn-rimmed glasses such as the classic RayBan Wayfarer are a particularly popular shape that is also found in spectacles.

When choosing your glasses you should make sure you choose the right shape for your face. Oval and curved glasses with decorative temples suit square, relatively long and narrow faces. The temples break up the length of the face and give it more horizontal emphasis. The opposite applies to round faces. Here square frames are better to optically lengthen the face. Oval and rounded rectangle frames suit heart-shaped faces with wide cheeks and narrow chins. Avoid wide temples. People with oval faces with narrow foreheads and chins but prominent cheekbones have it easy. They can wear almost any shape glasses regardless of the material and shape.