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Gant is a Swedish fashion label, which was actually first founded in America. The founder was Bernard Gantmacher. They specialise in high-quality shirts. After these shirts became a great success, the product range was continually expanded. Today, there are four different lines for men and women.

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Gant is a Swedish fashion label with American roots. At first it was founded with a focus on high-quality shirts. Nowadays however, the label offers a comprehensive product range of Gant clothes for men and women.

Gant’s beginnings

Bernard Gantmacher was the founder of the company Gant. He arrived in New York in 1914 and originally wanted to study pharmacy. In order to finance his studies, he worked nights at a clothing factory. There, he sewed shirt collars and discovered that he was very good with a sewing machine. Bernard also met his future wife, Rose, at the clothing factory. She was a button and buttonhole specialist. After they married, they both moved to New Haven in Connecticut. There, Bernard founded a company that manufactured shirts for other labels. However, the quality of the Gant label stood out so much, that it soon earned a very good reputation in its own right. The trademark of the shirts was a large embroidered ‘G’, framed in a diamond shape. Bernard and his wife, Rose, had two sons. After the sons had served in the Second World War, they also joined the company.

Gant as a label in its own right

After sons Marty and Elliot returned from serving in the War, they introduced Gant of New Haven as a new label. It became an immediate success, as the quality of the shirts was already widely known. The most important detail of the shirts was the button-down collar. Button-down collars involve attaching the shirt collar to the shirt using buttons. This type of shirt originated in England. However, this trend became increasingly widespread in America, and Gant was the first label to offer the button-down shirt.

The label’s success

The label’s success is primarily derived from the combination of Bernard’s commitment to quality and his sons’ stylistic confidence and nose for trends. Together, they consistently developed new creative elements, like the locker loop, box pleat, and a button to prevent the tie from sliding, for example. As such, Gant shirts were always able to meet the zeitgeist.

The expansion of the product range

The company continued to develop, and a multitude of other products joined the shirts as part of the product range. Today, there is a collection for men and women, which is in turn subdivided into three lines. One line is catered to a younger audience. The company’s main line is an exclusive, high-end collection, which includes Gant shoes and Gant bags, and more.