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What makes FTC stand out from their counterparts is more than just design, quality and style - it’s integrity. The brand has been devoted to ensuring a fair, equal workplace and trade with suppliers, adding an important dimension to their knitwear. Soft, ethically-sourced cashmere is abound in any FTC collection.

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Fair Trade Cashmere - The Story Behind The Sweaters

Founded in 2003, FTC is a luxury knitwear and cashmere label dealing exclusively in fair trade materials. Jutta and Andreas Knezovic are the mastermind couple behind the label, both dedicated to fair trade and ethical treatment of workers. From the very first collection FTC clothing has been about equality as much as it’s been about style; the founders invest a substantial amount into the sustainability and ethical treatment of their employees and work-sites, becoming more and more vocal about their distaste for exploitation of workforces. With their collections of FTC knitwear they manage to achieve two things - sustainable fashion and breathtaking style. Ever the innovators the brand is also constantly looking for ways to improve itself. Recently enough they’ve begun to use a technique named SeaCell - combining algae fibers with pure cashmere to create clothing that not only makes you look good but actually has the power to make you feel good, too. Today FTC remain a beloved knitwear and cashmere label, managing to deliver luxe fashion without ever compromising their integrity and beliefs.

Soft, Chic and Ethically Sourced

Everything FTC creates is a carefully constructed masterpiece, stemming from a love for pure, soft cashmere and a desire to make the most beautiful clothing from the material. Each sweater and pullover is the result of expert knowledge and clever design, crafted from the finest wool and cashmere that the world has to offer. Soft, fashionable pullovers and warm, cable-knit cardigans are on the agenda every season with this brand, however FTC manages to do something different every time. Their collections vary greatly, never sticking to plain designs or boring, neutral hues. For women that enjoy the rich, luxe feeling of true cashmere, FTC is a dream come true. FTC tops should hang in every girl’s wardrobe as they provide some great everyday outfit choices, making casual look completely chic.

FTC Today

Continuing their crusade to ensure each and every strand of wool used is ethically sourced, FTC are slowly but surely paving a way for themselves in the world of high-end style. The brand is managing to hold on to their morals and integrity as they become more and more popular each season, proving that dignity doesn’t always have to be compromised for fame. An FTC dress is a must-purchase if you love comfort and laid-back style, and will only increase in value over time.