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Frequently asked questions

Questions about buying

1. What is the difference between Concierge items and other items?

There are two different types of items available on REBELLE: Concierge items and self-service items.

Concierge items (marked with "Ready to ship") are being sold using our Concierge services. These items have already been authenticated by our team of experts and have passed our quality control. The items are in our stock and can be shipped immediately. They will be delivered within 1-3 working days.

Self-service items are still with the seller and must be sent to REBELLE after they are sold. Our team of experts will check the condition and authenticity of the items after receiving them, so you will have no risk! We will send the item to you after our quality and authenticity check. The items will be delivered within 1-2 weeks.

2. Why is the right of withdrawal only available for some items?

There are two different types of sellers at REBELLE: commercial and private sellers.

For commercial sellers you have the statutory right of withdrawal of 14 days. So you can order the items without any risk, try them on at home and return them within 14 days if you don't like them.

Items that are sold by private sellers cannot be returned (similar to eBay and other marketplaces). However, if you are unhappy with your item, you can re-sell it easily and for free within 7 days. Just visit your user profile in "Orders" and click "Re-sell item". The item will then be put back on sale.

To find out whether a seller is commercial or private, just look at the details page of the item or at the seller's profile.

3. How much are the shipping costs?

If you order an item on REBELLE, the shipping costs within Germany are EUR 6.90. Shipping to other countries within the European Union is EUR 15.90. Overseas territories are excluded from this shipping regulation.

For shipments outside the European Union additional customs fees will be applied, depending on the product value. These will be claimed by the customs office in your country.

4. When will I receive the item I bought?

We will ship any items that are in our stock within 1-3 business days. These items are labelled with a "Ready to ship" sign.

Items without this label are still owned by the seller. We will notify the seller as soon as you have placed your order. The seller then has to send the item to us. As soon as we receive it, we check its authenticity and condition and send it on to you as quickly as possible. Unfortunately we have no direct influence on how quickly the seller ships. Usually you will receive your items within 1-2 weeks.

You can check the shipping status of your order in your user profile at any time.

5. Which logistics company will be used to ship my items?

All packages are insured and shipped with DHL or UPS.

6. Can I track the delivery of an item I purchased?

Yes, we send our packages with DHL and internationally with UPS. After finalising your purchase you can view the shipping status of your order in your profile at any time. We will also send you an order confirmation email with the tracking number or simply find it in your profile in "Orders".

7. Does REBELLE also ship to Packstations (self-service postal lockers)?

Yes, within Germany we work with DHL and also ship to Packstations. Find a Packstations next to you.

Internationally we unfortunately do not ship to Packstations.

8. How can I pay for an item on REBELLE?

We currently offer the following payment options:
- credit card (Visa / Mastercard)
- Paypal
- bank transfer (only in Germany) - SOFORT banking - Giropay (only in Germany and Austria) - iDEAL (only in the Netherlands)

If more payment methods are available for you, they will be shown during the checkout process.

9. Where can I redeem my voucher code?

If you want to use a shopping voucher, you can redeem it during the last step of the ordering process. In step "Check order" you have to click the link "Redeem voucher". This will open a box where you can enter your voucher code. If the code is valid, the amount will be deducted from the total order value and you will receive a confirmation notice. If the code is not valid (any more), an error message will be displayed.

10. The item I bought doesn't fit or I don't like it - do I have a general right to return it?

We regret that you are not satisfied with your purchased item!

If you have purchased your item from a commercial vendor, you have a statutory right of withdrawal within 14 days. You can see in the sellers profile or on the item's detail page whether the seller is commercial. To register a return, you can simply go to your profile in "Orders" and use the features "Register return". Once you have registered your return, you will receive a shipping label for free and insured return shipping via email.

If you have bought the item from a private seller, you can not return it. However, we offer you the chance to re-sell your item for free within 7 days after you received it. You can do this by using the feature "re-sell item" in your profile in "Orders".

Returning or re-selling an item from non-EU countries is only possible at your own expense.

11. I was not home when the item I bought was delivered. Will it be sent to me again?

Yes, the item can be redelivered to you.

Should the deliveryman have been unable to deliver your parcel, it will be returned to us. In this case, we will try to contact you and re-send it to you. Should we be unable to reach you after several attempts and receive no feedback from you, the item will automatically be returned into our ownership.

In order to track your parcel, please use the tracking number, which was communicated to you in the shipment notification email.

12. The item I purchased never arrived. Who can I speak to about this?

Please check the status of your shipment in case your package wasn't delivered 72 hours after shipping confirmation. Please contact our customer service via email if you still have any questions.

13. Where can I enter a shipping address that differs from my billing address?

You can enter both addresses separately in your profile.

14. How do I find the correct clothing size?

We use international size charts that allow you to compare the various indicated sizes. The size indicated in the item view corresponds to the size specified by the seller and/or the size indicated on the item itself. Please note that different manufacturers may be using different size definitions. If you are unsure, you can ask the seller directly via the comments option on the item details page.

15. Can I pick up the item I purchased directly from REBELLE?

No, we will send the item right to your doorstep.

16. How does REBELLE ensure the quality of the items?

Our team of market experts carefully inspect all items to ensure their authenticity and quality. Hence, every item is subject to strict quality and authenticity checks.

17. What happens if the item I ordered is a counterfeit or the quality is not as described?

All items are reviewed upon receipt by our team of trained experts. Should they find that your item is a counterfeit, we will get in touch with you immediately via email and credit your money to the account from which the payment was made.

If our quality check reveals that the quality of the item is not as specified by the seller, we will notify you via email and explain the situation to you. You can then decide whether you want to withdraw from the purchase or not. In case you want to withdraw from the purchase, we will credit your money to the account from which the payment was made.

Please note: in currencies other then EUR, the payment amount of the local currency may vary due to exchange rate fluctuations.

18. I would like additional information about an item. Who can I approach?

For questions about an item, please use the feature "question about the item" below the item description. The item's seller will then reply to your question. For concierge items, REBELLE will answer your question.

19. When will my account be charged for my purchase?

The exact time of the debit from your account depends on your payment method and the payment provider involved: - If you are paying with a credit card, the amount will appear on your next credit card bill. - When paying with SOFORT banking, GiroPay or iDeal, the money will be debited directly from your bank account. - If you are using PayPal, the amount will be deducted from your PayPal account first, then PayPal will debit it from your bank account later. - If you are paying by bank transfer, you will have to transfer the invoice amount to our bank account yourself.

For sellers

1. What kinds of items can I sell at REBELLE?

We only accept original designer items for women: clothing, bags, shoes, jewellery and accessories. If you want to sell an item, please refer to our designers list. In exceptional cases, however, we also accept items from other brands, such as up- and- coming young designers and hot brands. To list those items, simply choose "Other Brand" as the designer.

Your items should be in a good condition, cleaned and suitable for resale. Our quality department will decide whether your item will be accepted and added to our selection or not. If you list your item yourself, please mention any faults and add an accurate description of the item's condition.

Due to customs regulations, selling items is only possible from countries within the European Union.

2. How can I best determine my price?

When determining the selling price, you should consider what you would like to earn and whether the price is realistic. Other criteria to consider include the popularity of the brand, the general demand, the item's age and condition and the type of item.

We would also like to point out that interested parties on REBELLE are generally very well-informed. A price that has been set too high may be off-putting and may result in your item not being sold.

Our experts will always review your desired price before the item is put on sale. If they think the price is too high or too low, you will receive an email with a price suggestion. You can then decide whether you want to accept our suggested price or not.

3. Can I change the price after my item has been listed online?

You can reduce but not raise the price of your items in your /en/profile in "items". Price reductions are always free of charge, but please note that your revenue will also be reduced when you reduce the price of your item.

If you reduce the price of an item by 5 or more, your item will be displayed in our "SALE" category for 60 days. After the 60 days the item will be removed from "SALE" until you reduce it again by at least 5.

Please remember to regularly check whether the prices of your items are still suitable. Especially if your items have already been on our website for some time and haven't sold yet, you should consider reducing the prices.

4. What is the best way to photograph my items?

We recommend that you take pictures of your items in daylight or adequate artificial lighting and against a plain white background. Bright walls, doors or floors are particularly well suited. For bright garments you should opt for a darker, more contrasting background.

Make sure to show the natural shape of the item and avoid any wrinkles. Blouses, dresses or jackets are best photographed hanging in a doorframe or on a plain background (e.g. a wall). You can also put your clothes on a simple mannequin (if available). In order to maintain a uniform appearance on the platform, please do not photograph your items while wearing them or on fancy mannequins with faces or similar.

Show your items in total, from different perspectives and also take pictures of details and special features like embellishments, buttons and a colourful lining.

5. How can I best describe my item? What should the description contain?

Your description should include all important information, characteristics and details of the item. This may also include logos or an eye-catching pattern. The material and workmanship are of equal importance to interested buyers, as is information on how comfortable it is to wear and maintenance. Is the sizing true to size? Do certificates of authenticity, receipts or packaging such as shoe bags or boxes exist? If yes, make sure to mention it – this increases the attractiveness of the item. Obvious signs of use or faults are also to be included in the description.

6. Where can I redeem my voucher code?

If you want to use a vendor-voucher, you can redeem this in the final step of the sales process. In step "Check" you have to click the link "Redeem voucher". This will open a form field where you can enter your voucher code. If the code is valid, your revenue will be updated immediately and you will receive a confirmation notice. If the code is not valid (any more), an error message will be displayed.

7. Where do I have to send my items to?

If you have used our concierge service, you have to send us your items immediately after finishing your concierge assignment. If you have listed an item on your own, you will only have to send it once it is sold.

In both cases you will receive an email including a pre- paid shipping label for insured shipping. Stick the shipping label on your parcel and bringt it to a post office, a Hermes parcel shop or a UPS station nearby. We will take care of the rest.

8. How much are the shipping costs?

As a seller you can always send us your items free of charge. You will receive a pre- paid shipping label by email. Within Germany you can ship your parcel with Hermes or DHL. If you are located in other countries, you can ship with UPS as well.

9. What documents do I have to include in the parcel I send to REBELLE?

If you have listed an item on your own and it has been sold, we will send you an email with a completed shipping label, as well as a delivery slip. Please place the delivery slip in the package, and fix the shipping label clearly onto the outside of the package so that it is visible. If you decide to use our concierge service, you will receive an email from us confirming your sales order. Attached will be a shipping label and delivery slip which have already been filled out. Please print both documents and place the delivery slip in the package, and fix the shipping label visibly onto the outside of the package. Now you just have to send the package – we will take care of the rest.

10. Which evidence can I provide to prove the authenticity of my item?

To prove the authenticity of your item, you may send us receipts, certificates of authenticity and original packaging. Also remember to emphasize this in the item description — this may increase the attractiveness of your item. Please keep a copy of your receipt with you for insurance reasons until you receive your revenue.

11. When will my item be available online for sale?

We will review the information you have entered and list the item online as soon as possible. On average, items listed by yourself will be online within 3 working days. Items listed with our concierge service will be processed within 1-1.5 weeks.

12. How quickly will my items be sold?

There is no general answer to this question. The probability of your item selling quickly, strongly depends on the item's brand / designer. Furthermore the condition of your item is important. Your chances of selling your item also increase if it is very popular or an all- time classic.

13. For how long will my items be available for sale at REBELLE? And what will happen if my items don't sell?

Items that you have listed on your own stay on REBELLE until they are sold. As long as your items are not sold, you can remove them at any time in your profile under "Items". We reserve the right to take your items out of sale after 12 months, if they don't sell. In both cases, you will not be charged.

Concierge items that you have sent us for sale are stored in our warehouse until further notice. If you would like to reclaim your items within the first 12 months, you have to pay a EUR 15 concierge fee per item. After 12 months you can reclaim your items for free, with one exception: If you did not reduce the price of your item within the first 8 months after completing the sale assignment, we will charge you an administration fee of EUR 15 for the return.

We reserve the right to send your item back to you after 12 months. Before we do this, we will try to get in touch with you and recommend that you reduce the price of your item.

14. When and from whom will I receive the money for the item I have sold?

As soon as the sale has been finalised (the item has been sent to the buyer) you will receive your revenue from REBELLE. It will be transferred to your bank account. Earnings are paid out once per week.

15. How is my sales revenue calculated and why do I have to pay a sales commision?

Your revenue is based on the sales price deducting our graded commission which depends on the price of your item. If you use our concierge service, we invoice EUR 15 per item in addition for this service. The rest is your revenue which we pay out once a week (for foreign currencies the amount paid in the local currency may vary due to exchange rate fluctuations).

REBELLE offers a high-quality marketplace for buying and selling pre- loved designer items. With marketing and topic-related content we ensure a high volume of visitors on our site, which offers you as a seller a large potential pool of buyers. Every item sold on Rebelle is thoroughly checked and processed: we review the information you entered about your item, we edit your photos, do a quality check and ship your items when they are sold. Our team of experts checks every item for it's authenticity and for good quality. We absorb the shipping costs for you, take care of the interim storage of your items. And we send the items to the buyer using high-quality and stylish packaging.

All this causes costs for REBELLE, which we cover with the sales commission.

16. I have listed an item for sale that is damaged or that I've lost. What do I have to do?

If you have lost an item or if it is damaged you can delete it in your profile in "Items". Deleted items will be removed from sale immediately.

If an item has been sold on REBELLE, please send us an email, in case of damage, including photos of the defect. We will then inform the buyer.

In case an item has been sold and you can not send it to us for other reasons, you still have to pay our commission. Please send us an email in this case as well.

17. Can I remove items that are currently on sale? And how does this work?

You can remove items that you have listed using our self-selling service at any time, without further charges - as long as they have not been sold. To do so, please go to your /en/profile in "Items" and delete them.

In case you have used our concierge service and would like to have your items back, please send us an email to or call our customer service Mon–Fri 9:30 am – 6:00 pm CET at +49 40 30 70 19 08.

If you want to have your concierge items back within 12 months after listing them on REBELLE, you will be charged a EUR 15 service fee per item. After 12 months you can request a free return of your items - but only if you reduced the price of your item within the first 8 months. Otherwise you will be charged a EUR 15 service fee per item as well.

18. Can I edit my items after listing them? Can I add or change the photos?

Unfortunately, you cannot edit your item's details after it has been saved. Neither can you upload additional photos. In urgent cases you can contact our support team via email - they can help you and make changes even after the sale contract was created.

One exception: you can reduce the price of your item (but not increase it). To change the price of an item, go to your profile and change the price in "Items".

19. Why doesn't REBELLE accept all items?

At REBELLE you can find exclusively selected designer and vintage items in good condition. We check every item for authenticity and high quality.

If an item does not meet our standards for quality and condition, has a low chance of selling or we can not guarantee for it's authenticity, we will not accept it for sale. You can find a detailed list of our most important acceptance criteria in Question 1 - for sellers

20. What happens after one of my items is rejected by REBELLE?

If we reject an item that you have listed using the self-selling service, the item will simply be deleted. In case you used the concierge service we will send the rejected item back to you without any additional cost.

But there is one important exception: if your item is a clear fake or plagiarism, we will charge a handling fee of EUR 60 for fake items with a price up to EUR 500 and a EUR 120 for fake items with a price of more than EUR 500. Counterfeits and fakes have no chance at REBELLE!

21. Do I have to pay when one of my items is sent back to me?

In general, the return shipping is free for you.

There are however, exceptions: if an item that you listed using our self-selling service is not as you described it, if the quality is worse than described or if there are differences to the photos that you submitted for your item, we reserve the right to send the item back at your expense and risk, and to invoice you our commission. The same goes for counterfeits and fakes, where the return- fee for shipment is already included in the additional processing fee (see "Question 19 - For sellers").

22. Is it possible to pick up rejected items at the REBELLE warehouse in Hamburg?

No, you are not able to pick up your items yourself. We will send your items back to you via DHL (in Germany) or internationally via UPS as quickly as possible. Shipping is of course insured.

Questions about user account

1. What is a login and how does it work?

A login gives you access to your user profile – your personalised page on REBELLE. To be able to buy and sell you need to register on our landing page, where you will be prompted to specify your personal login data, which is required to sign in.

2. Where can I edit my user data?

You can edit your user data (for example name, shipping address, and account information) in your profile.

3. How can I delete my user profile on REBELLE?

If you want to delete your user profile, please send us an email.

4. How can I reset my password?

You can easily reset your password in your profile.

5. Is any of my personal data visible to other users?

Other users are able to view your user name, location, profile picture, date of registration and which items you are currently selling. Your comments and questions about items are also visible to all other users. Of course we will never show your address, payment information or your password.

6. I have a different problem or question which is not listed above. How can I contact REBELLE?

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via email. Furthermore, you can call us from Mon - Fri between 9:30 am and 6 pm.

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