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Drykorn Second Hand

Representing the alternative, rockstar side of European style, Drykorn has been providing stand-out clothing and accessories for over twenty years. The independent label offers cool, clever fashion with an understated price tag, perfect for style fans that don’t want to break the bank. More about Drykorn >

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The Driving Force of Drykorn

Drykorn is a luxury independent German fashion label, founded in Bavaria in 1996 by Marco Götz. The brand was founded out of Götz’s frustration at how expensive a nice pair of trousers could be. He admired the style of Helmut Lang and other designers, but the price tags attached made him cringe. Having worked with brands such as René Lezard and French Connection in the past. Götz had a good head for business and fashion. He founded Drykorn clothing in 1996, beginning with a single pair of trousers for men. Götz has been heavily involved in the design process from day one. Today he continues to walk the floors of his factories assessing Drykorn accessories, clothes and other items as they’re being made. His dedication to his company is what’s made Drykorn stand out from other German labels.

Clothing For Beautiful People

Drykorn was founded in 1996 as a way of offering popular, cool clothing to without the financial implications of other labels. The brand began with Drykorn trousers for men, but over time they’ve expanded to lines of accessories and womenswear. The brand is known for its alternative, rock-star look and has never succumbed to trends or assimilation. Their slogan is “for beautiful people”, meaning that their products are geared towards people with good taste. Over the past two decades it has built up a strong, stand-out reputation for great style both in Germany and beyond. Today Drykorn clothing is available in Europe, Asia and the US as well as other territories.

Attitude and Edge

Drykorn tops, trousers and other items are loved for their renegade style. Founder and designer Marcus Götz favours clothing with attitude, never relying on current trends or fads to carry his collections. He never incorporates styles he hates, such as balloon skirts or flat shoes. Instead his collections are comprised of items he knows are flattering, cool and eternally fashionable. The use of leather and other edgy materials is rife, creating a punk-rock aesthetic favoured by rock-stars and rebels alike. If you’re a fan of darker, more experimental style, then you should consider purchasing some Drykorn dresses or trousers.

Drykorn Today

Drykorn is still an important and beloved German label, supplying Europe and other countries with enviable, edgy clothing. The brand caters to people with a defined sense of style and attitude - if you like to make a statement, make your next buy a pair of Drykorn trousers. Authentic Drykorn clothing and accessories are available second-hand at

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel