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Initially inspired by Keld Mikkelsen’s experience of Asian culture, Day Birger & Mikkelsen offer an alternative approach to everyday clothing. Updating daywear by adding a touch of glamour, the brand is a favourite of the ever-stylish Duchess of Cambridge.

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The Duo Behind Day Birger & Mikkelsen

Day Birger & Mikkelsen is a luxury Danish clothing label founded in 1997 by Keld Mikkelsen and Malene Birger. Drawing inspiration from time spent travelling around Asia, Mikkelsen wanted to create a label dedicated to contemporary, everyday glamour. Birger, who had been working in design following her graduation from university a few years prior, came on-board as a designer. Together, they founded Day Birger & Mikkelsen clothes. The pair founded their headquarters in Copenhagen and set about building one of Denmark’s biggest labels. After becoming flush with success and expanding across the world, Birger left the company in 2002. Mikkelsen continues to carry on with the label, bringing new designers on-board.

The History of The Brand

Founded in 1997, Day Birger & Mikkelsen is the Danish saviour of everyday opulence. The brand began in Copenhagen, Denmark and before long had gained traction amongst fashion circles. The first collection was released in the Autumn/Winter season of 1998, and was available for purchase in a select number of Scandinavian retailers. The brand maintain three core lines of Day Birger & Mikkelsen bags, clothing, shoes and accessories and create items for men, women and the home. They own a number of stores spread across Denmark. The brand is also available to purchase from high-end retailers and department stores worldwide including Selfridges in London, Brown Thomas in Dublin and Lafayette in Paris.

Adding Sparkle To The Everyday

Inspired by Mikkelsen’s time spent travelling across Asia, each Day Birger & Mikkelsen collection has roots in a culture very different to his native Danish. The brand infuses a playful personality and practical, functional design to create a look that’s understated but lovely. The collections give off an aura of vintage glamour, a throwback to a time when women’s fashion was more strict and linear. Some Day Birger & Mikkelsen accessories is a fabulous way to add a touch of pared-back luxe to an outfit. The brand has been worn on numerous occasions by British style icon Kate Middleton, a testimony to its elegance and timelessness.

Day Birger & Mikkelsen Today

The brand has really taken off in the last decade, and with fans in The Duchess of Cambridge, Jennifer Lopez and Olivia Palermo, Day Birger & Mikkelsen is considered one of the best-loved brands in Northern Europe. Authentic Day Birger & Mikkelsen dresses, tops, bags and other items are available second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.