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Current Elliott Second Hand

Their great love of vintage looks is the thing that connects the two designers, and is always apparent in their collections. The denim label for fashion-conscious men and women has been on the market since Summer 2008, and combines the origins of denim with modern implementations. More about Current Elliott >

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Charity Shirt

Charity Shirt

Current Elliott

Friends Emily Current and Meritt Elliott started their career together as stylists to the hottest stars in Los Angeles. They are also making a name for themselves together there with the Current Elliott clothes label. Their individual designs were a well-kept secret at first, until they broke through internationally. Serge Azria is active in the company as CEO and creative director. He encourages innovative design ideas, unique concepts, and talent.

The style of Current Elliott jeans.

Preserving and returning to American roots, authentic washes and styles, as well as the perfect fit are the key factors in the label’s success. The importance of denim in American history is reflected in the label’s philosophy, as is the love of vintage looks. Both of the designers’ backgrounds as stylists rounds off the individual look of the frayed shorts, skirts, and jeans, and is crucial to the company’s success.

The Current Elliott jeans - the boyfriend look in the online shop

The casual denim collections all bear the desired look that we hope for from authentic jeans: They look worn. The Current Elliott jeans have a special touch thanks to the skilful interplay of past, present, and future.
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“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel