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Designer Rei Kawakubo’s innovative ideas are what makes the label. Comme des Garçons is known internationally as an avant-garde brand, however it positions itself more as a niche brand in the fashion world. The label stands for quality clothing, accessories and fragrances for men and women.

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Comme des Garçons

In 1969, the Japanese stylist and fashion designer, Rei Kawakubo, founded Comme des Garçons in Tokyo. The first ready-to-wear collection caused a scandal and attracted a lot of media attention. It included clothes full of holes, which looked as if they were moth-eaten. Misshapen cowls, and trousers held up by ropes instead of braces. The models all had dishevelled-looking hair. All in all, the collections were the complete opposite of the western fashion of the time.

The style - classics like the Comme des Garçons Wallet

The Comme des Garçons brand remains true to its style, even to this day. The label presents itself as revolutionary and breaks the laws of design. Dark colours dominate Comme des Garçons clothes, as do oversized, asymmetrical cuts and silhouettes. Kawakubo designs her garments to create a symbiosis of body and clothing. In this way, she creates what is ultimately a new overall shape, detached from the conventional silhouette of the human body. She works with materials such as fine tulle or rubber. In recent years, the popular Comme des Garçons accessories like the Wallets made from real leather have received special attention. An equally widespread ‘it’ piece is the Comme des Garçons Shirt, usually a simple top with a motif of a heart with eyes.

The stores & the Comme des Garçons online shop

Each collection by Kawakubo surprises audiences with new finishes and unprecedented design elements. She presents pieces from her collections like works of art. Her concept stores offer the perfect setting for this, as they are specially designed by an architect so that they are set up and presented with the collections in mind. Fashion can therefore be considered as a part of the overall concept - this idea has been imitated frequently. Large traditional fashion houses such as Prada or Louis Vuitton also take this approach. Fans longingly await the launch of a designated Comme des Garçons online shop.


Rei Kawakubo is the sole proprietor and head designer to this day. In her private life, she has been married to the British chairman of the board, Adrian Joffe, since 1992. Her message to the fashion world: Women should express themselves through fashion - comme des Garçons (like the boys).