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If you’re on the hunt for soft, stunning style with a distinctly feminine feel then look no further than Coccinelle. Best known for their beautiful collections of handcrafted bags, the label is the perfect addition to any ladylike closet.

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The Story of Coccinelle

Founded in 1978 by the Mazzieri family in Italy, Coccinelle is a high-end brand of bags and accessories. The label began its journey as a manufacturer of leather goods and accessories, eventually streamlining themselves as a handbag designer. For many years Coccinelle bags were revered in Italy thanks to the brand’s dedication to quality and unique design. Each bag is handmade in Italy - it’s been this way from the start, and this quality adds to the authentic feel of the brand. Over time they expanded, adding lines of Coccinelle accessories to their repertoire. Today, Coccinelle clothes, bags, shoes, accessories and jewellery are sold in over 65 own-brand boutiques worldwide. The label is also sold in a select number of prestigious international department stores. Coccinelle remains most popular in Italy, its home country - Italian women are best-suited to appreciate the hard work and devotion that is poured into each and every handmade piece from the label. The brand also supports a number of charitable pursuits, and in the past has released a Coccinelle handbag from which the proceeds were donated to relief efforts in Haiti.

Ladylike and Lush

The word Coccinelle is the Italian for “ladybug”, and the name really does suit the product. Elegant, ladylike and delicate, Coccinelle shoes, clothes and accessories are ideal for women with a refined and poised sense of style. Each leather item is hand-crafted in the valleys of Italy, made from the softest and most supple hides that money can buy. The brand is also known for its playful, feminine style; using unusual animal prints, bright hues and refined form, the label manages to create the ultimate in Italian sensibility with every collection. Coccinelle accessories and jewellery are designed to complement the rest of the line and yet still look great on their own, a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

Coccinelle Today

Since being taken over by Maria Burani in 2006, Coccinelle has been positively thriving. The brand has blossomed from a small-time Italian label to a multinational business with fans in each and every corner of the world. If you’re a lady who favours poise, grace and good manners, then a Coccinelle tote bag is going to be your new favourite accessory.