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The handbag’s little sister is taking over the world! No matter whether you like a simple, classic bag or a brightly coloured one, at REBELLE you will find high-quality, pre-loved clutch bags from popular designers such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada.

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The clutch bag – the diva amongst handbags

Small, practical and glamorous – a clutch is a must-have fashion piece that cannot be missing from any handbag collection. It is the ideal accompaniment to a festive evening dress or a business suit and thanks to the wide range of styles and materials available, the clutch bag is absolutely essential. Despite their size, clutch bags have enough space to hold all your important items such as keys, phone and make-up. They can be carried easily under your arm or in your hand.

Originally the handbag was simply an evening bag with no handle or strap which is why it was carried either in the hand or under the arm – hence the name “clutch”. Clutch bags were extremely popular in the Roaring Twenties. Then in 1947 Christian Dior became the first designer to include the clutch bag in his collection. In recent years the bag has experienced a phenomenal boom. Today it can be found in all the collections of major fashion houses and is often seen on the red carpet in the hands of celebrities.

In the REBELLE online shop you’ll find the perfect clutch bag for any occasion. From classic blacks and browns that will perfectly complete your outfit to more colourful models with zips that go brilliantly with summer outfits. As the clutch bag has been a mainstay on the fashion scene for many years now, it is now available in various styles and sizes, from the tiny Louis Vuitton Pochette with strap to the elegant MIU MIU clutch bags.