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Christian Dior Suits Second Hand

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With its completely innovative model clothes, Christian Dior has surprised the world and started a real revolution in the fashion world. His Bar Suits are the most iconic and inspirational items from the esteemed brand’s collections. They stress perfection and make every woman feel proud of them.

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Start with New Look

Christian Dior was a legendary designer because he changed the fashion scene with his collections. His first collection 'New Look' included completely fresh designs with models that were never seen before. This collection, introduced in 1947, shocked many people at the time. The designs were found to be vulgar by many and people wondered how Christian dared to make such clothes. Still, his collection was a great success and the fashion world welcomed Christian’s innovative fashion collections. In only eleven years, he has created twenty-two collections where elegance remains the focus in the designs.

Bar Suit

One of the main items offered by Christian Dior was the first design of a two-piece suit for women, with the name "Bar” suit. This is still one of the most iconic designs that Christian has designed for his collections. The Bar suit includes all elements of the innovative 'New Look' collection. It consists of the 'Bar jacket' and a half-length skirt. In his design, Christian looked back at the 18th and 19th centuries from where he chose equestrian clothing as his inspiration and incorporated it into its own unique design. The jacket is fitted at the waist and runs till the bottom. The skirt is thickened at the level of the hips, is flared at the bottom and stops well above the ankles. These shapes are designed to emphasize the beauty of the female body. The Bar suit from the first New Look collection consists of a black skirt with a contrasting bright coloured jacket. Combine the suits with one of the glorious Christian Dior tops and create a beautiful, radiant look. To complete the outfit, the brand also has matching Christian Dior jackets and coats.

Fashion Revolution

Dior suits demonstrated the innovative forms of craftsmanship. For the production of the first collection, exceptional quality of fabrics were used during the post-war period. The suits were made by using materials that were carefully edited and which had to be maintained. Many people were amazed at the care and skill with which the suits were made and are still produced today.

Innovative collections

Today the collection 'New Look' are presented with a different theme every season. REBELLE offers beautiful and feminine second hand suits by Christian Dior. The ongoing reputation and quality of the brand’s products have maintained a stable value for the products. The costumes are available in combination of a blower with a skirt or a pair of trousers. Fashion addicts will look classy and elegant throughout the day in one of the suits. Just combine the suit with a pair of nice shoes and a neat bag to create a perfect office look that exudes cleanliness and femininity at the same time.