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Used Christian Dior Knitwear of verified quality

Christian Dior Knitwear Second Hand

When it is cold, nice sweaters and garments of fine materials to wear at home sound very cozy and comfortable. Christian Dior has knitted fabrics of high quality, especially for fashion addicts who are more sensitive to the cold. These boast refreshing design, a trendy form of a distinctive colour. More about Christian Dior Knitwear >

Second Hand Christian Dior Knitwear UK

REBELLE x Skin Gin

REBELLE Skin Gin Edition

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Charity Shirt

Charity Shirt

Knitted fabric

Knitted fabrics, also known as 'knitwear' in English, is a method to make textiles. With the help of two or more needles, a piece of fabric of a long wire is made. The pieces of cloth are knitted in different forms and can then be used to design, for instance, jackets and sweaters. A mesh can be of various materials, but it all starts with spinning wool. This method is particularly advantageous because no wool is lost in the process. At REBELLE, fashion addicts can discover beautiful Christian Dior dresses that have been made through this process.

Used knits at REBELLE

REBELLE has the best designer stuff for fashion addicts. The founders Cécile Gaulke and Gründer Max Schönemann and their team ensure that only the best items make it online. They not only love keeping wardrobes varied but also improve awareness of designer brands. In the field of second hand garments, REBELLE is the largest in Europe. The difference between items from the store and items from other sites is that the items available online often have a story behind them and the price is much lower. If the perfect knitwear has been found, customers can take a look at the classic second hand Christian Dior jackets and coats.

Know your designer

Since customers are now aware of how the brand’s amazing knitwear is made, the same can easily be found on REBELLE. To offer some backstory to Christian Dior, he was a phenomenal designer and an expert in the field of fashion. Christian, who was born in 1905, moved in his early years with his family to Paris. He enrolled in a course to study Political Science since his parents wanted him to become a diplomat. During his studies, he began to sketch designs in his spare time, which he sold to various fashion houses. This brought him in contact with several designers. Christian liked working in the fashion so much that he got a much bigger goal: to launch his own brand. In 1946, this was made into reality and since then has continued to expand the prospering fashion house.

Mix and match

The substance of a knit often looks very feminine and rather peaceful. However, for fashionistas who don’t particularly enjoy this style yet want the latest garment, they can combine a wool sweater with leather jeans for a tougher look. A tight ponytail or flashy jewellery do wonders and paint the complete picture. If going for a chic look, a knit from the brand will be perfect. A beautiful skirt can also be added and perhaps some jewellery as well. On REBELLE, fashion addicts have plenty of choice, so take a look at our hip designer items.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel