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Since the success of the iconic Lady Dior in the 90s, Christian Dior handbags have been in perpetually high demand. The brand’s primped, polished and preened approach to femininity has won them a devoted audience who would kill to get their hands on the latest batch of sublime handbags.

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Maria Grazia Chiuri: Then And Now

Maria Grazia Chiuri is an Italian fashion designer. Chiuri has worked for many high-profile brands throughout her career, most recently undertaking the role of creative director at Christian Dior. Chiuri studied the craft in her youth, obtaining a degree from the European Institute of Design in Rome. Upon graduating she was offered a job with Italian label Fendi. Here, she began making a name for herself through innovative design. She went on to work for Valentino for seventeen years, where she rose through the ranks to become head of design. She resigned when she was offered her current role with Dior. Chiuri is the first woman to ever hold the position at Dior.

The Lady Dior - The It-Bag of the 20th Century

Christian Dior has been in the bag business for a while now, but the brand’s first truly iconic bag has to be the Lady Dior. The bag was conceived due to an impending meeting with Diana, Princess of Wales in 1995. Wishing to present her with a chic, beautiful bags to match her stature, the designer produced the Lady Dior handbag and presented it to her in Paris. Diana loved it, and was seen on countless occasions sporting the bag. The Lady Dior quickly became the most-carried handbag in history, and was labeled the 20th century’s most iconic it-bag. Versatile and timeless, the handbag has been reissued every season in a number of materials, textures and colours. The Lady Dior remains the most popular Christian Dior handbag in the brand’s history.

Polished Handbags Fit For Princesses

Polished, feminine and chic, Christian Dior shoppers, clutch bags and shoulder bags are everything a lady aspires to carry on her arm. The brand’s history with handbags goes back to 1947 with the release of bags during the New Look collection. They’ve been releasing lines of stunningly sublime handbags ever since. Using aesthetically pleasing materials like velvet, leather, suede, crocodile skin and satin, each bag is carefully designed and crafted before being embellished with the daintiest and most feminine accents. If you love ladylike style and consider yourself a bit of a princess, you really should invest in a Christian Dior tote bag.

Christian Dior Handbags Today

Christian Dior shoulder bags and other styles continue to be coveted items in the 21st century. Kendall Jenner, Marion Cotillard and Emma Roberts all own a Christian Dior handbag or two for their own, and have been seen toting them around Hollywood on may occasions.