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Christian Dior Earrings Second Hand

Christian Dior have been the masters of opulence since the 1940s when designer Dior unveiled his aptly-dubbed New Look. Their jewellery collections are a testimony to true glamour, invoking a sense of timeless style. Expect sparkling rings and gilded earrings. More about Christian Dior Earrings >

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The Life of Christian Dior

French designer Christian Dior is the man responsible for founding the house of Christian Dior. Dior expressed interest in arts and creative pursuits as a child, however his family had a different path in mind. They discouraged the young Christian from following his passion and guided him towards life as a diplomat instead. Dior was not easily swayed. In his younger years he sold sketches of clothing designs for 10 cents from the front porch of his home. He worked for Robert Piguet from 1937 while also moonlighting for Pierre Balmain. This experience would prove pivotal. Dior was enlisted in the French army during WWII. When he returned he founded the house of Christian Dior, with his first collection debuting in 1947. Since then his name has been bestowed upon collections of Christian Dior necklaces, bags, boots, dresses and everything in between. His legacy is so great that his house has continued to thrive long after his death.

The New Look Revolution

Christian Dior’s debut in 1947 was not a quiet one. The designer landed on the couture scene with a collection that turned contemporary style on its head at the time. Aptly dubbed the New Look, Dior utilized tiny, pinched waists, full skirts and a dash of dramatic style to craft the first truly iconic collection of the 20th century. His designs made waves across the Atlantic and to the US, where his first viewing graced the pages of Harper’s Bazaar. The New Look was a hit, a perfect remedy to the dull, unexciting clothing of post-WWII France. Today this era of Dior is considered a highly influential period in the formation of modern fashion, and is continually used as a reference for the style of the era.

Sparkling, Splendid Style

Christian Dior rings, bracelets, earrings and other jewels are shining, shimmering examples of the house’s elegance and class. Dior combines sleek, clean shapes with opulent embellishment to create their jewellery collections. The result is always fabulous. A Christian Dior necklace is a stunning way to flawlessly finish off any outfit.

Christian Dior Earrings Today

Christian Dior’s earring selection has been popular amongst women of note for many years. Stars such as Emma Watson, Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence have been spotted rocking a pair of Dior sparklers in their lobes recently.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel